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Who is İpek Erdem? Where is she from – Height – Age – TV Series – Family

İpek Erdem was born in Bursa in 1984. Turkish TV series, cinema and theater actress.

Name: İpek Erdem
Date of Birth: 1984
Place of Birth: Bursa
Height: 1.70m.
Weight: 55 kilos
Eye color brown
Mother: Emine Akbaş
Father: Haluk Erdem
Siblings: Algun Erdem, Taygun Erdem

Family: She is originally from Elazig on her father’s side. She was born and raised in Bursa, her father is a former football player, a coach, her mother is a designer and manager, she has two older brothers, and her brothers are former football players and coaches.

Childhood years: At the age of seven, she decided to become an actor in her first theater play. At the age of 11, she studied Turkish Classical Music at Bursa Municipality Conservatory. She received her first acting training at the age of 12 at Osmaniye Cultural Center, affiliated with Bursa State Theatre. There she played in the plays Hansel and Grathel, The Order to Shoot, The Barrels of Love. Also, from a very young age, sports and dance have always been in her life. Between 1987-1998 she went to gymnastics, ballet, swimming, volleyball and folklore.

Education life: Graduated from Istanbul University State Conservatory.

The turning point of her life: The year she came to Istanbul for school, her school friend Yıldız Asya introduced her to Gani Müjde, and she started to act in the TV series Hayat Bilgisi and her star shone with the nickname Barbie. Since he gave importance to school education, she did not accept the offers that would hinder her school. “I was leaving Istanbul University State Conservatory Theater Department and going to Bursa with my family. Yıldız Asyalı stopped me as I was leaving the school gate. She talked about a project I knew she was going to play before. Our producer, Ali Gündoğdu, asked him to invite her friends in the theater department for a meeting. Although I never thought of acting in the series, I went to meet Gani Müjde without delay, since it was a positive and good job in every aspect and we were fans of Perran Kutman as a family. Gani Müjde made her decision as soon as she saw me. She also gave the script and it has shaped the path of my life in a significant way. At that time, I was burning with the love of theater, my goals were different. It wouldn’t have crossed my mind to act in the series! Being famous all of a sudden. But I’m very lucky, I started with an amazing team, I learned a lot. I could not imagine that the work would be liked like this, that my life would change in an instant. It was a lucky time for me.”

Which project did it shine with? At the same time, she attracted attention with the character of “Barbie Gamze”, which she played in the TV series “Hayat Bilgisi”, which was her first screen experience between 2003-2006.

Personality traits: She has always been her best friend and friend. “One of my greatest luck is that I jump into life quickly. This comfort, of course, came true thanks to my family. I had a comfortable childhood. I was born and raised in Bursa Cekirge. I asked for my freedom, and they gave it to me. That’s why when I was doing something, I always did it without fear.”

Personal development: She loves to learn. She also evaluated the pandemic period for her personal development. “My mind was always learning from someone. There was neither time nor money. In this process, I saw that I could reach whatever I wanted to learn from the internet and my ability to work alone at home improved. This is great for me. Because I want it to be almost 30 hours a day. It’s not enough, I want to work so hard. Of course, when there is a need for rest, distraction and socialization, I cannot do everything I want to do that day. What I question a little bit is that I could still benefit from the internet in this way until today.”

Social: Often socializes and can be creative during breaks from work. She practices yoga, thinks it is good for her soul, and is also interested in jazz music. “When I took a break from work, I wanted to get to know Turkish jazz musicians. I went to their concert every night. When I took a second break, I went to the playwriting workshop. It helped me a lot in getting the right character in this acting. It has improved my perspective. During my last break, we made a two-actor game called ‘Kabuk’.

Mindset: She likes to live by listening to her intuition and heart. “I usually take a break after long work. Because everyone’s body is very different. Some friends can go from that project to that place without a break. I can not do this. Because I am very fond of my freedom and myself. I need to rest, I need to feed on other things. Whatever I want to do, I leave myself like a child. I have only one life, after all. Yes, acting is my profession, I can never give up, but my happiness and mental health are more important than anything else. After letting it go free for a while, I’m going back to the furrier’s shop. Being famous at the age of 18 exhausted me and shook me. So I didn’t like it very much. Three years later, I was so full and tired that I went on vacation by myself and stayed quiet for days. I never forget, when I woke up on the 4th day in the morning, I met my soul, myself, and since that day, I live by listening to my inner voice, intuition and heart. Actually, this path started when I was 21 years old. I realized that I need to listen to myself, get to know myself. From that day until today, I got to know and accept myself, as many social and universal things that do not belong to me. The more I accepted, the more often I dared to go my own way. Of course, all the paths I have walked so far belong to me. But today I am exactly at the beginning of the path that comes from my heart. Keep learning and keep going.”

Source of happiness: She is happy to meet the experienced actors she has acted with so far. At the same time, she is one of the sources of happiness in the organization she organizes about jazz music. “I am very lucky in this regard. I have worked with many valuable actors such as Perran Kutman, Settar Tanrıöğen, İlker Ayrık, Bülent Şakrak, Emel Sayın, Erdal Küçükkömürcü, Yasemin Yalçın, Tansu Biçer, Şebnem Sönmez, Erdal Özyağcılar, Işıl Yücesoy, Erman Okay, Ayşegül Günay. I would like to act together again with all the actors I have acted. I went to work in Cappadocia. And I started to organize a jazz festival there. When I met the wonder of nature, I thought ‘Why not concerts here?’ and we performed it twice with Elif Kayaman. We could do it for two years. Then the country went through hard times and we couldn’t continue.”

First feature film: Onur Ünlü / Beş Şehir

Her view of love: “I fell in love a lot, I loved a lot, I was loved. My relationships have always been good. We are still precious to each other. My friendship continues. First of all, I am a lover of my profession. I was probably lost on the other side when I fell in love until today. It wasn’t good to get away from myself either and I was producing better on my own. However, at the point where I saw that our paths were not the same anymore, I wanted to complicate neither her life nor my own life because I loved him. I no longer lose myself. That’s why I live healthier not only lovers but all my relationships. Also, I don’t look at relationships with stereotypical thoughts. Nothing ends. It changes form. Your paths have crossed and may change one day, cross again.”

Her outlook on life: She likes changes in life. “I love growing up, I’m not afraid at all. Happiness for me is being in my own way. I cannot do otherwise. I don’t have a concept of fame and popularity. I like to be interested in art and improving my work. Especially after the Life Sciences period, the extremely fast progressing process did not appeal to me much. I also like to change my appearance, sometimes I want to be overweight. I change my hair very often. Change is good.”

Her outlook on business life: She does not think of giving up acting. “Although my decisions changed from time to time, I came back to acting. It never crossed my mind. But I have only one life, I want to spend it as I will be happy. I can also be a cook in my next life. I just wanted to be a mother. Or the singer. I’m just a hard worker. I want to do my job well, to have the same care in everyone, and to do the job well. Actually as it should be. I started playing in a game, moreover, I entered later. They almost didn’t even do the dramaturgy. I heard from the actors of the years, “Oh my dear Ipek, we were like this once, but now we have left the end of the rope”. I think we’re a bit lazy and don’t take on many of the responsibilities we should. But I can definitely say that it is really difficult to be an actor or an artist in a country that is not supported as a profession. Unfortunately, they do not recognize a place where we can breathe from anywhere. But I don’t think that’s an apology either. Because as far as I can tell, there is almost no period of support for the artist.”

Career plan: She always wants to be on stage. “Being on stage, I would like to sing somehow, but in the theater, but with an orchestra. Opportunities arise as you work. I really want to sing and I want to train for it. I guess it will when the time comes. I imagine myself on stage at a piano. As you continue to walk the path of acting, some things take shape. I always try to take part in projects different from the previous one. Dark humor, period and comedy projects appeal to me in every way. As a role, I would like to play an anti-hero. During the pandemic, I received a job offer from Vienna to produce something and tour there. Now I’m writing a single player game. We intend to make a play for 4-5 people with Theater Frankfurt. Of course, Europe is taking very strict measures in this process. It seems like we are already at home everywhere in the upcoming period. Not important. I am doing my duties. I’m trying. When things come out, I can make them a reality, depending on the circumstances. Maybe I’ll use social media. I have other ideas that will evolve depending on the situation. It was based on being calm, peaceful and getting ready at home. Time will shape the rest, what life brings and what I accept.”

Future Dream: She has many dreams, such as traveling the world, living in various parts of the world, being a mother. “Being a mother one day, traveling the world with my wife and child. I want to live in various parts of the world. I would like to dance like the dancers I see in foreign concerts or live. It’s a dream, but at least I do yoga every day to be more flexible and dance. The only thing I regret is that my mother took me from ballet at the age of five and sent me to kindergarten. I want to be a very good player. To do what I can to ensure the peace and health of my family a little better. There is no end to dreams. I will continue to write plays, to act and perform wherever I can, on stage, in the cinema, in the TV series, on the street. Other than that, many ideas come to my mind. Caricature, cartoon, script, school. Of course, I can’t do some of them. I will share it with my friends who do it. That’s how knowledge, experience and production will increase and I guess I will start to transfer it somehow after a while. “

Concerns: She finds the heavy working conditions in the industry worrying. “People are so worn out. We have become a sector whose working conditions are getting worse day by day. What I’m saying is not about individuals, it’s a general issue. I can’t understand why it is not fixed, it is not fixed. We were shooting 59 minutes in 2003, our time increased to 90 minutes in 2004. It was like we saw an alien. Now the series is 150 minutes. I think it is very unhealthy to write, direct and play a TV series for 150 minutes a week. Since then, everything has changed very quickly. “

How does it keep its shape? She cares a lot about her health. “My father is also a former football player, he cares a lot about his health. When I see him fit like this, I care a lot too. I love to eat healthy food. I no longer buy chocolate from the grocery store. I take good care of myself because I love myself.”

What does she do at home? She is good with the kitchen, she cooks well. “I love cooking. I’ll do whatever I want, even if it’s just crazy things. For example, when I mix broccoli and orange, different things come out.”


2019 – Kuzgun / Şermin

2017- Çember

2015/2016 – Eve Dönüş / Canan

2012/2014- Lale Devri/ Münevver Hancıoğlu

2013 – Böyle Bitmesin

2010/2013 – Yer Gök Aşk / Münevver Hancıoğlu

2008 – Aman Annem Görmesin / Burcu

2008 – Elveda Rumeli / Nevreste

2007 – Aşk Kapıyı Çalınca / Ela Yorgancıoğlu

2006 – Karınca Yuvası / Mine

2003/2006 – Hayat Bilgisi / Barbie Gamze


2021- Çıplak 2: Ölenle Ölünmez/ Hande

2020 The Night Before – Demet Derelioğlu Aran (Short Film)

2019- APP / Open Radio Presenter (Short Film)

2019- Önceki Gece / Senem

2018- Deniz Kızı – Yakup Uygun (Short Film)

2017 – Semur: Şeytanın Kabilesi / Merve

2017 – Dünyanın En Güzel Kokusu 2 / Beril

2009 – Beş Şehir / Mehtap


2020- Kim Geldi/ Tiyatro Frankfurt

2017- Godot’yu Beklemezken / Vladimir

2017- Öküz / Oyuncu

2015- Kabuk / Lale


2006 Yağmur / Bertuğ Cemil

2008 Yağmur / Görkem Şarkan

2019 Hatırla / Hüsnü Arkan

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