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Who is Sera Kutlubey? Where is she from – Height – Age – TV Series – Family

Sera Kutlubey was born on April 19, 1994 in Ankara. Turkish TV series, cinema and theater actress.

Name: Sera Kutlubey
Date of Birth: April 19, 1994
Place of Birth: Istanbul
Height: 1.65 m.
Weight: 52 kilos
Sign: Aries
Eye color brown
Siblings: One child

Family: She was born in Ankara, moved to Istanbul with her family when she was at primary school age. “I grew up with love. When I think of family, I think of unconditional and pure love. I am an only child, but I was always in crowded houses. Aunt, aunt, cousin, grandfather. Tables long and full of conversation. Of course, when the course of life, work obligations, and losses are mentioned, the frequency and the crowdedness of the table are decreasing. I can say I miss it.”

Childhood years: She wanted to be an actress from her childhood. “At first it was like a house in my dreams. I wasn’t a very bright student in high school, I didn’t like school very much; that’s when i joined the drama club then i really started to connect with the school. I grew up going to theaters. When I was studying the play in high school, it literally got into my blood and when I got on the stage, I said, ‘I have to be here now’. After that, I always wanted acting to be in my life and I started preparing for the theater exams and my path continued like this.”

Education life: She completed her education at Haliç University Theater Department. She took acting and diction classes at Başkent Communication Sciences Academy.

The first step into acting: Her television adventure began in 2016 with the character of “Leyla”, which she portrayed in the TV series “Amber”.

What project did she shine with? She attracted attention with the character of “Cemre Yılmaz”, which she portrayed in the TV series “Zalim Istanbul”.

Personality traits: If there is something she truly believes in, she never gives up, she is determined, hardworking, emotional. “When it comes to people I love, I always want to protect and watch. I am devoted to my family and loved ones.

Mindset: She doesn’t like to put herself into certain patterns. “The outer eyes already put us in certain patterns. Whatever I do, I try to have fun. I don’t find myself beautiful or ugly, I accept myself as I am. When my mood goes down, I put on my headphones, go to a corner, listen to music and start daydreaming. So I can isolate myself a bit from my surroundings.”

Source of happiness: She is happy to work with masters in the projects she has been involved in and the interest of her fans. I think it is a great chance to work with Fikret Kuşkan in cruel Istanbul. Every minute I spend with her is an experience. To love and be loved is always a beautiful feeling. We always feel this, our audience has never left us alone, which is a great happiness.”

Her outlook on life: She thinks that dreams and a sense of belonging make life meaningful. “Dreams are a motivation for tomorrow. Belonging can also change for everyone; family, maybe a single person, maybe a medium or between four walls, it doesn’t matter. If you know where you belong while you are running for those dreams, you are not getting carried away. I think it also adds strength to the person, which makes life more meaningful for me.”

Her view of love: “Love is the way the mind leaves the body. It is the greatest of emotions that can cause logic to fail, hit the bottom or bring it to the top.”

Her view of business life: He thinks that there is a stereotypical concept of beauty in the industry and that production companies do not want to take risks in this regard. “The audience already wholeheartedly accepts people who are truly talented and who do good works outside the classical perception of beauty. But the productions do not want to take risks in this regard. I think popularity has only one importance in these conditions, and that is to ensure the continuity of the business. We concentrate on a job by giving up ourselves, our family, our life and many other things. Fame doesn’t scare me, the industry scares me; race, ambition and struggle within the industry. Expecting honesty and sincerity, not being able to. Acting is actually a constant challenge, because there is always something better and we are always trying to reach it. It is a process that can wear people out as well as nourish them, and they are very intertwined. One must be able to control herself well. I can say that constantly trying and finding something makes me happy in the process. I have been involved with trying things since my childhood, I started my journey because I found this dynamic in acting. It keeps me alive.”

Career plan: She sees acting as a never-ending path that she wants to put something on every day. “I don’t have a problem with being permanent in acting. I want to act, but this is not something I am passionate about. I read, watch and think about what I can add to myself. I’m dealing with myself and trying to invest in myself. As long as I know every situation that the scenario requires, it is not exploited and serves the story, of course I should act. After all, we are telling a story; We become the breath and voice of a person. At this point, we need to put our personal egos, opinions and feelings aside so that we can describe the character correctly. It is completely suppressed that the kissing scenes in the TV series are talked about a lot. Where and what scenes are shot but not spoken. If I think it serves the story and the director will not benefit, I will shoot, I am an actress.”

Biggest passion: Acting and writing “I love writing just as much. Of course, it is not a field that I express like acting, but in a smaller world by myself. Playing is truly a passion for me, but so is writing. I do not favor one over the other, from time to time whatever I need comes into play anyway.

The biggest craziness she’s ever done: “I think the profession I’ve chosen is crazy in itself. Other than that, to give a specific example, I think of a moment when I climbed onto the roof of a house in London where I stayed for a while. It was raining beautifully and I love overcast weather. I climbed, walked to the end of the roof, watched the rain and the sky for a while, everything was beautiful until I return. As if walking on the roof was not enough because it is triangular, my feet started to slip on the roof with the increasing rain and I was slipping as I walked. I couldn’t ask for help from anyone and I wasn’t sheltered at all, I really remember coming face to face with death. After swarming, I was bruised all over, this excitement cost me dearly.”

Future Dream: She dreams a lot, but she doesn’t like to talk about these dreams. “I believe that when I voice my dreams, her energy is broken, so keep it with me.”

Concerns: She thinks that being a woman is difficult all over the world. “Women are fighting in different ways in different positions, not only in our country, but in every corner of the world. Unfortunately, mobbing against women exists in every culture and every status. And of course we don’t give in to them. In addition, I can easily say that without gender discrimination; It’s really hard to survive as a human being nowadays. Society raises us with certain patterns. We are learning to self-censor without censorship. Such acceptance. In my own life, I am trying to remove the self-censorship imposed by society. A world where a woman is not afraid when returning home late at night, can decide what to wear without thinking five times, people are looked at with love rather than condemnation, and women are not marginalized… In order to achieve these in my own life, I continue my life by not seeing those eyes when appropriate, despite those eyes when appropriate.”

Male attractiveness criterion: There is no certain pattern that she likes in the opposite sex. “I don’t want to follow a certain pattern, but looks aren’t really a criterion. Unfortunately, the inside of a person affects the outside, but the outside cannot affect the inside.”


2021- Hercai / Azra

2019/2020 – Zalim İstanbul / Cemre

2017 – İsimsizler / Seher

2016 – Babam ve Ailesi / Hasret

2016 – Kehribar / Genç Leyla


2018- Diyelim ki Birlikteyiz


2014- İBB. Şehir Tiyatroları / Special Jury Award

2017- Gelişim University / Promising Talent of the Year

2020- Altın Zirve ve Kariyer Ödülleri / Best Actress of the Year Award

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