Series News The duel of Hatice Şendil and Sera Kutlubey will make the İyilik series explode!

The duel of Hatice Şendil and Sera Kutlubey will make the İyilik series explode!


The 10th episode of the İyilik (Goodness) series, which will meet with the audience on Friday evenings on Fox TV screens, has passed. In the series where İsmail Demirci plays the character of Murat, we watch Hatice Şendil as Neslihan and Sera Kutlubey as Damla. The second season of the series started in an atmosphere full of intrigue and mystery.

Despite the high expectations of Fox TV in the first season, the high potential of making a good debut stood out under the decision to continue in the second season for the series, whose ratings were not very good. That’s what Fox TV has been waiting for. The 10th episode of the series “İyilik”, which was broadcast on Friday, September 16, received above-average ratings in the category of all people and won the first place.

The series, which had slightly lower ratings in the AB group, brought a near-average rating in ABC1. With these results, we observe that the iyilik series has managed to attract the audience on Friday evenings. Two episodes were left behind in the second season, and the series İyilik came to the fore with its exciting story, the support of the audience on social media, and the better-than-expected ratings.

İsmail Demirci’s successful performance in the character of Murat, who dreams of managing two women, also impresses the audience of the series. Between the two female characters Neslihan and Damla, the struggle to hold Murat turned into a great war.

The increase in the dose of this great war between Damla and Neslihan also reflects very positively on the İyilik series. In the competition between women, the goal is always to show one’s strength to the other, rather than to keep the man in hand.

This rivalry between Neslihan and Damla also makes the viewers on the screen very curious as a show of strength and a sign of what they can do. As Neslihan’s well-functioning revenge plan drives Damla crazy, the reflection of the series is also positive. Viewers seem pleased to watch this conflict between women.

Successful performances of Sera Kutlubey and Hatice Şendil duo helped the ratings to be good. It seems that this excitement and conflict is needed for the İyilik series to stay on the screen throughout the season. The bigger the conflict between the two women, the higher the ratings appeared to be.