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Who is Yiğit Özşener? Where is he from – Height – Age – TV Series – Family

Yiğit Özşener was born on April 6, 1972 in İzmir. Turkish TV series, cinema, theater actor and voice actor.

Name: Yiğit Özşener
Date of Birth: April 6, 1972
Place of Birth: Izmir
Height: 1.75 m.
Weight: 67 kilos
Sign: Aries
Eyes: blue
Siblings: He has a sister.

Family: He was born and raised in Karşıyaka, İzmir. His father is a lawyer, his mother is a housewife, he has a sister. “I had a beautiful, sunny childhood. I was born in İzmir Karşıyaka. I have a sister 11 months younger than me. He is married, has a child. My father is a lawyer, my mother is a housewife. My childhood was spent on the street, in the treetops, with lots of friends. It was very enjoyable.”

Childhood years: He was not one of the enterprising children who was put forward at every opportunity. As a child, he would not come down from the top of the trees in his grandmother’s garden in Izmir. In the theater club he entered at the university, the love of theater was injected into his veins. “I chose this department because engineering is popular at the university. When school started, I joined the drama club to socialize. Acting had never crossed my mind until that point. I saw that doing this job as a hobby would not cut me off, I joined Şahika Tekand’s Studio Actors.”

Education life: Graduated from Yıldız Technical University Electronics and Communication Engineering. He completed his master’s degree at Koç University. He started training in the Studio Oyuncuları Topluluğu in 1994 and took part in various games until 2001.

Turning point in his career: His recognition as the Free Boy in Advertising shaped his career. “I owe my recognition to that campaign. Television is an important showcase. At that time, there were no commercials that continued like a series and created their characters. That’s why the Özgür Kız ve Özgür Çocuk had happened. At the same time, the Studio Oyuncuları Topluluğu really opened up a new world for me. When I was an introverted, antisocial, not very easy going type, that place took me and acted with my settings. That’s why, whether he wants to be an actor or not, if someone wants to get involved in the theater or go to a course or something, I say right away. Even if he is a banker. Alas, our child was enthusiastic about these things, for example, they say if he does not do his job in the future; I say leave it, he will do his job in the future but let him go now. Let it pass that counter, it’s a good thing. There is an interaction going on. I was very happy there.”

The first step into acting: He appeared before the cameras for the first time with the character of “Murat”, which he portrayed in the movie “Herkes Kendi Evinde”

Which project did it shine with? He attracted attention with the character of “Cengiz Atay” in the TV series “Ezel”.

Personality traits: Single ambition; to do his job as well as conditions allow. “It is said that I am difficult. But I don’t know. I guess I have a hard time handing things over to others. This can be difficult for people.- Ego means me. If I don’t have an ego, I don’t exist either. But I don’t have a destructive ego. I have a cooperative ego. I am reliable and proud of it. I take their job seriously, I do it because I love it. Let him go as far as he goes, I don’t think we’ll look after him. I don’t plan to retire. I will do this as long as I live.”

Social: He likes to travel whenever he can. “I like to feel like a stranger in a place. I like to go to the districts in Istanbul that I have never been to, wander around, explore and get into the crowd. Also, one doesn’t have that many friends in one’s life. It’s nice to spend time with them.”

Mindset: He doesn’t like to separate anything in his life with clear lines. He cares about the concept of justice. “Sometimes in life you think you’ve won, in the long run you realize you’ve lost and vice versa. Justice is something everyone seeks in their life. Without it, life would not be very livable. There are many areas where we are not fair. Members may also demand different justices. Justice, I think, ends with the individual himself. We are also fair to ourselves. As long as this is the case, I don’t think we can go one step further than this point. How fair is it to wait until the fire is at your door? I think I am absolutely fair. I’ve been unfair, but I’ll pay for it all and face it.”

His view of love: “I trust what is felt at first sight. Love is a strange feeling that makes people do things they say “I’ll never do” and make people love what they say “I hate”. I still desperately believe him. Relationship is not hard to find but love is hard to find. Only at that point we have to sink something into ourselves. To what extent am I ready to immerse myself in such an environment? One should answer this honestly to himself. Because love requires sacrifice. It requires giving up or partially giving up certain habits and lifestyle. It requires not to let things happen. It also requires not making excuses for tiredness and work tempo. The list goes on like this. Otherwise, it is very possible in form. It is so easy to draw such a perfect picture against the outside! But there is something to share, which requires harmony.”

Happiness source: “Thank you to those who thought I could act the bad guy and offered it to me. It’s an uplifting experience. Nobody is asked, ‘Why are you acting the good guy?’, they are always asked ‘Why are you the bad guy?'”

First feature film: Semih Kaplanoğlu / Herkes Kendi Evinde

His outlook on life: He does not like to be in the magazine, he stays away from polemics. He thinks he becomes more sharing as he gets older. “I didn’t have much to do with time. Sometimes I wonder if aging is something we make up to measure time. The world is not aging, it may be transforming. As you get older; I can say that I have become a man who likes to share more. I have a problem to be known for my work. That’s why I live my life accordingly. I’m not saying wish on purpose, I don’t go to places with cameras. I’m not a complainer either. Acting is a package program. If you are a guest in people’s homes every week, they also have the right to comment on your life. I also believe that popularity should not change people. I am Yigit. It doesn’t matter what job I do or how many people I know on the street.”

His outlook on business life: In 2013, he took a break from the screens for 4 years. He returned to the screens with the “Cesur ve Güzel” series. “I lost my father in December 2013. I lived in Izmir for a while. Every loss leaves an impression. You see the future differently. We are like puzzles that can transform into any shape, and every event acts with the pieces of the puzzle. Of course, on the one hand, I waited for a role that I would enjoy acting. It’s nice to have the luxury of choosing one’s work. The character of Rıza in ‘Cesur ve Güzel’. The first time I heard it, my palm itched. Rıza is a man who has been in prison for a long time. He was inside when he would fall in love for the first time, go on his first vacation, make the first attempt to start a family. That’s why their blank stare at some moments. I thought this role would take people to another dimension. Everything has a way of being according to the geography it is in. How much do we differ so that we can differ in these works? However, I have never accepted the sentence ‘The audience wants this’. If you only give meatballs and rice to your partner, he will eat it, and I should choose another meal option so that he can choose. When it comes to acting, I’m very interested in the rhythm of the characters in general. With the rhythm of movement, with the rhythm of speech. I am very interested in the relationship he establishes with those around him, where and how he expresses that relationship. I’m very interested in that moment of change, that moment. And of course after the change. They must have a cause and effect relationship. Because the audience hears your voice, sees your image, that’s all. Nothing else goes to the audience. In the meantime, you can think whatever you want. The audience won’t know anyway.”

Career plan: The main starting point when preparing for a role is the text. “First, the text speaks to me. The frame of the character is given to me after all, and there is no need to do anything other than that. The rhythm of the character is very important to me. I love every moment. I especially love the unspoken moments. What we go through means more to me than what we say. I think that there is an important link between what goes through your mind and what you say. It’s not a good guy vs bad guy thing. What attracts me is the contradictory side of a character. Then I can find much more details. In real life, such types do not seem very convincing to me. We all have weaknesses and strengths. We go back and forth between them all the time.”

Future Dream: He has many dreams about his profession. “I want to get involved everywhere, it’s about this profession. For example, I love to work with people from different cultures and countries in the theater. Of course, it would make me happy if something was opened in front of me in that regard. I’m doing my best to open up. I’m going to Europe, I’m coming, I’m talking. There are different contacts. I don’t know how, let’s see. Time will show us.”

Concerns: “He thinks that life is getting harder as technology advances. “Instead of making life easier, it has become timeless. Also, initiative and curiosity disappeared. People were emptied. Personal filtering, interpretation, curiosity, research, gone. Whatever is given, whatever is put in front of it, a mechanism has been activated that automatically perceives it as correct. Nobody reads between the lines anymore. Today everything was a means of planning. Planning is no longer something specific to companies. When you choose your friend, you evaluate the other person according to your interests. Even that doesn’t happen: you can’t even sit around and be quiet, even that becomes uncomfortable. We are the children of an era where nothing sits systematically. The expectation was also high, but: The car is constantly throttled. But wait a minute, you say it gets tired and overheats; never mind, they say everything is intact in the trunk. On the one hand, you say that we were carrying eggs in all three towers; get it bro, they say the safe is solid. They say we eat the healthy, let the broken be broken; continuous gas, continuous gas. You know the famous story: A group of Indians were running like crazy. Someone suddenly stopped and said, ‘Wait a minute’, ‘My soul is left behind’… Our body is running, our soul is lagging behind.”

The attractiveness criterion in women: “There is no such thing as tall, short, blonde or brunette. There was a good saying in the ‘Kaybedenler Kulübü’: “One sees, he fell in love.” I’m not someone with criteria.”

Which movie was he influenced by: He puts the films ‘Apocalypse Now’ and ‘Knockdown in the Coffin’ in a special place.

Is it related to nature?. His biggest passion is the sea. “Buildings don’t look good to me. My relationship with water to a friend; “I want to go to a seaside, take off all my clothes, jump into the water and stay under the water for a while,” I explained. Water and land are very special things. The big city tempts me. I absolutely cannot live the ascetic life, I know myself. But now I want to live a little more in touch with nature. I can’t quite explain it, but I really want to live a life where you can hear birds chirping, it doesn’t matter too much who wears what, you can do physical work, and it’s not an ingenuity to say I walk that much a day. It seems odd to me that something like walking should be put in a private place. I’ve been walking as long as I can remember, but this doesn’t seem abnormal to me. It shouldn’t be anyway.”

What does he do at home? He likes order in his home. “I’m normally a neat guy, I go crazy when the house falls apart. I hate clutter. This is true even for my DVDs. When they start to get too much, I don’t buy more I take it from someone else and then give it back. I’m not a guy who bonds with his stuff.”


2000- Üzgünüm Leyla

2001- Karanlıkta Koşanlar / Mehmet

2002- Unutma Beni / Esat

2002- Zeybek Ateşi / Gazeteci Burak

2003- Estağfurullah Yokuşu / Sadi

2004 – Arapsaçı

2004- 24 Saat / Yiğit

2005 – Rüzgarlı Bahçe/ Ozan

2006 – Rüya Gibi / Cenk Öztürk

2007/2009 – Dudaktan Kalbe / Cemil Paşazade

2009/2011 – Ezel / Cengiz Atay

2012 /2013- Son / Selim Karan

2012- Esir Şehrin Gözyaşları – Bir Ferhat ile Şirin Hikayesi / Ferhat

2013/2014- İntikam / Rüzgar Denizci

2013- Galip Derviş / Engin Seçim (Guest Star)

2016/ Yüzyıllık Mühür/ Hilmi

2017 – Cesur Ve Güzel / Rıza

2018 /2019- Bozkır / Seyfi Amir

2020 /2021- Ramo / Yavuz

2021 – Kırmızı Oda / Zafer Karahanoğlu (Guest Star)

2021- Kanlı Yayın / Nejat


2001- Herkes Kendi Evinde / Murat

2002- Yeşil Işık / Berk

2003- O Şimdi Asker / Ömer

2003 – Giz

2003- Crude (Fırsat) / Ali

2004 – Çalınan Ceset / Yiğit (TV Movie)

2005- One Day In Europ / Polis

2005- Gece 11:45 / Okan

2005 – Tombala / Cem (TV Movie)

2006 Kabuslar Evi: Onlara Dokunmak / Yunus (TV Movie)

2006- Beş Vakit / Yusuf

2007- Kayıp (TV Movie)

2007- Kabuslar Evi: Onlara Dokunmak/ Yusuf (TV Movie)

2009 – Güneşi Gördüm / Caner

2011 – Aşk Tesadüfleri Sever / Burak

2011- Kaybedenler Kulübü / Mete

2011- Dedemin İnsanları /İbrahim

2014 – Ocak Ayının İki Yüzü / Yahya

2016- Ve Perde!

2017 – İşe Yarar Bir Şey / Yavuz

2017- Bir Kahramanın Rüyası (TV Movie)

2018 – Kaybedenler Kulübü Yolda / Mete


2001- Model

2003- Prenses…Kankam ve Ben

2004 – Apartman/ Mehmet

2006- Taklit

2007 – Yoldaki Kedi

2020- Hatıra Fotoğrafı / Fuad


1995/ 1996 – Gergedanlaşma Studio Oyuncuları

1997/1998 – Gitgel Dolap

1999/2000 – Oyuncu

2000 – Heracles Triology / IKSV/Attis Theater ortak yapımı

2000/2001- Gergedanlaşma / Studio Oyuncuları

2006- Persler / IKSV/Attis Theater ortak yapımı

2008/2009- İstanbul’da Bir Dava / Garajprod

2009- Evridike’nin Çığlığı / Studio Oyuncuları

2014- Göl Kıyısı / Richard

2016- Godot’yu Beklerken / Studio Oyuncuları

2019- Io / Prometheus


2018- 50. Sinema Yazarları Derneği Ödülleri / Best Supporting Actor Performance / İşe Yarar Bir Şey

2003 – Uluslararası Los Angeles Film Festivali / Best Film Award / Crude

2003 – Uluslararası Seattle Film Festivali / Special Jury Prize / Crude

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