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13 August 2022 03:03


Who is Utku Coşkun, who shines with the series Duy Beni? Here’s what you don’t know about the Ozan of Duy Beni!

The story of the series Duy Beni (Hear Me), which was broadcast on Star TV and started to get very good results in the category of all people on Thursday evenings, was appreciated. Berk Hakman and Ege Kökenli, one of the experienced names in the series, as well as Caner Topçu and Rabia Soytürk do justice to the lead roles. There are also names that came to the fore with the series and attracted a lot of attention on social media. One of these names was Utku Coşkun, who played the character of Ozan.

Utku Coşkun, who has not been in a TV series before; He is partnering with Sümeyye Aydoğan, who plays the character of Melisa. Those who do research can not find much information about Utku Coşkun. So who is the young actor Utku Coşkun?

Here is the information given by the actor in his interview with Sabah newspaper. The actor, who turned out to be studying theater at Kadir Has University, was born on September 1, 1997 in Kocaeli.

Utku Coşkun, who graduated from the theater department in 2022 and immediately found an effective role in the series called Duy Beni, became a well-known name in a short time with the help of his luck.

Expressing that fame does not scare him, the actor also admitted that there were some restrictions in his life when he started to become popular with the series.

Utku Coşkun also revealed the side effects of becoming a popular person by saying, “There are restrictions brought by being more recognizable.” Stating that there has not been much change in his life, the actor thinks hat she will have difficulty even walking on the street, and that’s why he started wearing a hat and tries not to be recognized.

The eerie side of fame lies in the fact that the audience thinks of the actor as someone like the character he plays. Utku Ateş describes this situation as frightening and says:

“That’s probably the scary part about fame. People who can’t distinguish are frightening. Apart from that, I receive messages saying “We hate Ozan but we love you very much”. It honors, so there’s a return on how well we do our job.”

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