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13 August 2022 03:44


Hair confession from Ezgi Mola! It was one of the unforgettable scenes in the Masumlar Apartmanı!

Ezgi Mola is one of the most talked about names of the last period. The actress, who has been acting in serials and movies for many years, is also followed with interest as a name that uses social media effectively. Ezgi Mola showed off her acting once again with the TV series Masumlar Apartmanı (Innocent Apartments), saying to those who are used to watching her in comedy, “I’m in drama too!”.

She showed the criticism that she could not be successful in the drama by some people, with the character of Safiye, on the screen for two seasons! The events quoted from a real life story were watched with excitement in the series in which Merve Dizdar played the leading role with Birkan Sokullu.

One of the most striking scenes of TRT1’s Masumlar Apartmanı series, which made its finale at the end of the season, was the scene where Safiye cut her hair. It was highly appreciated that the actress cut her long, short hair for the role without thinking.

The actress, who was carelessly cut during the scene and left a strand of long hair, shows with her shares that she did not touch her hair after the drama was over.

Ezgi Mola, who stated that she was not at all disturbed by the final state of her hair and even wondered what it would look like as it grew longer, said, “I left it a little bit, let’s see how it will look in between. But I’m very happy, I’m so happy,” she makes a sincere confession about her hair.

It was thought that the actress used a wig in the scene where she cut her long hair, but it was learned that she wanted to cut it without thinking for her role. The actress, who took the scissors in her hand and did not touch her hair, which she cut tufts, is now posing and receiving plenty of appreciation on social media with her new form.

The actress, who is loved for her sincere, humorous and modest personality, said to those who watched the series “Masumlar Apartmanı” for two seasons without getting tired and excitedly, “Thank you very much to our audience. They did not leave us alone for a week,” she sends a message.

In the meantime, the actress comments on the Masumlar Apartmanı (Innocent Apartment), which has a very good cast and whose story is followed with interest, while she comments, “We did an excellent job”, and reveals its importance for herself with the words “I played a character that I can describe as a turning point in my acting”.

Ezgi Mola will be remembered for many years as the Safiye of the Masumlar Apartmanı series, which she sees as a turning point in her career. Mola, who received praise in each episode with her successful performance, is now enjoying the holiday.

In the meantime, the actress gives good news about the Alice Musical, which ended a while ago. She stated that the musical will continue due to intense interest.

Ezgi Mola, who has also been appreciated for her acting in the Erşan Kuneri series broadcast on Netflix, is currently on a caravan vacation.

She had set out with Merve Dizdar a while ago. Dizdar, however, went on a tour of Rome. Ezgi Mola is on the road with a caravan. From time to time, she meets her friends at different points and shares her fun moments as a traveling vacationer with her followers.

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