Artists News Why did Alina Boz choose Maraşlı?

Why did Alina Boz choose Maraşlı?

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Maraşlı series will start soon on the ATV screen. Burak Deniz and Alina Boz will warm the screen as partners in the new series. The energy and harmony of the new drama couple is very curious. Both of them are among the most successful names of the last period and Maraşlı is also a very curious project.

Successful actor Burak Deniz Maraşlı and Alina Boz give life to the character of Mahur. Making a statement about the series in which the shooting continues, Alina Boz shared her excitement. Speaking to the TV show, the actress said, “I am also very happy. I hope we will be with you on a new channel, with a new production, with a great project. We are excited, ”he said.

Alina Boz, who we watched in the popular Netflix series Love 101, as well as the TV show TRT1, said that the Maraşlı series excited her. The actress spoke about the most curious harmony: “We found a good harmony with Burak. I am very excited, I am curious to see if it should start as soon as possible. ”

Underlining that the script of the Maraşlı series was surprising, Alina Boz said that she liked this situation very much. The actress said, “A good production company, a good partner, a good scriptwriter, a good director… All of these are very important things, things that I evaluated during the selection of the drama. When all of them are a beautiful whole, I said why not, and it was nice. We believe we are excited to start our work as soon as possible ”.

Also in the magnificent cast of Maraşlı; Kerem Atabeyoğlu, Rojda Demirer, Ahmet Varlı, Cemil Büyükdöğerli, Abdül Süsler, Melis İşiten, Cengiz Sezgin and Neslihan Acar star.

The subject of the series is as follows; Maraşlı, a former soldier to leave the Special Forces, wants to spend his life with the bookseller he opened.

The turning point in the life of Maraşlı, who is bold, brave and trying to achieve justice in ways he knows, is the day when his daughter Zeliş was shot.

Maraşlı, whose only goal is to bring the sick daughter back to life, cannot forget the great pain inflicted on his daughter.

One day, the beautiful Mahur Türel enters the second-hand bookseller’s shop and that day, Mahur involuntarily gets involved in an incident. The person of Maraşlı saves Mahur’s life. And that day their fates are linked.