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The best birthday gift for Berk Oktay

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Berk Oktay, who appeared with the character of Captain Kağan Bozok in the Warriors series aired on Fox TV, attracted attention with a post he made on his social media account. As it is known, the Warriors series was released in 3 episodes in the new season and then new episodes were not shot. After the broadcast of the stock episodes shot last season, discussions about the series began.

It came to the agenda that Berk Oktay agreed with Limon Film, the producer company of the series, for the series shot in Eskişehir at the beginning of September, but the shooting did not start. The introduction of The Teacher series on Fox TV on Sunday evenings after the broadcast of 3 episodes was also confusing.

After the producer firm stated that he was in an agreement with Murat Serezli and Sarp Levendoğlu, who played the other key names of the series, there was no news about the series for a long time, and Berk Oktay went on vacation during this time and shared his various posts in Istanbul confused his followers.

Finally, the statement made by Limon Film that the 5th season shootings will begin last week, also relieved the followers of the series. The team is eagerly awaited to come together again.

By the way, Berk Oktay attracted attention again with a post he made on his social media account for his upcoming birthday. Recently, many famous names have encouraged their fans and fans to donate to certain places instead of sending gifts to them on their birthdays.

A similar statement came from Berk Oktay. The actor, who was born on October 28, 1982, asked his fans to donate to the Life Without Cancer Association instead of sending him a gift on her birthday.

Here is the sharing:

I’m getting ready to celebrate my most special birthday on October 28 this year. I want to be a ray of hope for children with cancer with my birthday. I opened my birthday campaign for @kansersizyasam through the @iyilikpaylas social donation platform. I’m putting the link to my bio. I look forward to your donations with excitement and impatience to make our children smile. There is no better gift for me than this…