Will the Maraşlı series be the final or the season finale?
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29 September 2022 10:33


Will the Maraşlı series be the final or the season finale?

The question that everyone is wondering about the Maraşlı series, which made the audience have back corners with its 19th episode last night, is still hanging in the air! The series, which aired on the ATV screens on Monday evenings, is moving towards the end of May, there is still no clarity about the fate!

Burak Deniz and Alina Boz are very close to each other in the story. In the story that revolved around the two, there were developments that surprised the audience last week, and İlhan and Aziz were killed by Savaş.

On the other hand, Necati was shocked when he learned that Aziz and his family, whom he had done evil for years, were actually his real family, and attempted suicide by holding himself responsible for the death of his brother and father.

Necati was also thought to have died, but in the new episode it was revealed that he did not die, survived and somehow lost his mind and was hospitalized.

Meanwhile, when he came out with the help of the man he met in Maraslı prison and his lawyer daughter, it was understood that his name was Mehmet İnce, not Celal Kün.

It was understood that his ex-wife Hilal, whom he went to see his daughter, called him “Mehmet” and the speeches that followed, his nickname from Maraş, the story of Celal Kün was entirely for the mission. His daughter Zeliş finally started talking and her first question to her father was why he was speaking in an accent. With these words, it was understood that the story of Celal Kun is now over.

However, Mehmet İnce decided to continue his research, saying that there were still other people behind the events that brought Necati to this point. Mahur, on the other hand, learned that Maraşlı had come out in spite of his aunt and the Prosecutor keeping him from him.

The series is now moving towards a completely different place with completely different names. New people have entered the story. With these 5 new names, the initial flow of Maraşlı also changed. However, he still cannot find the answer to the question of whether the series will make the final or the season finale.

Although the addition of new names to the series produced by Tims B Productions creates the perception that it will continue in the new season, it is not clear yet. Hakan Boyav, Serhat Parıl, Burcu Karakaya, Güneş Hayat and Engin Yüksel were the names that joined Maraşlı’s staff.

Journalist Birsen Altuntaş shared a backstage information about Maraşlı, which revealed that ATV has not yet made a clear decision. Accordingly, it was stated that whether the series will continue or not will be decided according to the ratings of the last episode. When is that last episode, there is no clear information on this issue yet.

But the decision of the ratings to determine the fate of the series in the last episode of the channel, which will be released as the end of the season, takes the audience to a process that is increasingly tense! It leaves the audience dragging on whether to continue the series or not! Let’s see what kind of decision will be taken regarding Maraşlı in the coming days? We will watch and see …

Meanwhile, the support given to the series from social media is gradually increasing. Finally, the episode, which was screened last night, points out that it is also in the first place by measurement services.

In the ratings, the situation is a little different. Maraşlı took fifth place in the evening with an average rating. It is observed that the ratings in AB and ABC1 groups have dropped considerably.

It is also noteworthy that the TV series Maraşlı ranks 6th in the EU and 8th in ABC1. Although the ATV series is not in a bad position as a ranking, it does not seem very satisfactory at the point of ratings. However, it should be noted that ATV’s decision to continue the low-rated Akıncı series has brought Hercai to the 3rd season! This situation increases the likelihood of Maraşlı’s seeing the second season.

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