Will The Pit make the final?
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27 March 2023 20:43


Will The Pit make the final?

There were some claims that The Pit series, which has been broadcasted on the Show TV screen for 4 seasons, will make the final with the 4th season. These allegations have not been confirmed so far. However, the signs coming from the series worry the audience … Especially the fact that Vartolu Sadettin character came out of the story increased these concerns even more. Will Vartolu, sent by Yamaç to Afghanistan, return?

The audience has already missed the character a lot… The fans of The Pit know that Erkan Kolçak Köstendil wanted to leave the series to spend time with her baby born in July… However, an intermediate solution was found and the character was left open to return. But there is a fierce opposition from TV fans to this breakup.

The audience who commented “We missed Vartolu so much that he shouldn’t leave the series” are also angry with the claims that the production may be final at the end of the season. “Pit, don’t let it make a final. The fans of the series, who leave a comment saying “May Allah give the Back Streets life”, write a message on the social media.

Although there was an expectation in the audience that the series would make the finale at the end of the season, the actors said they did not know anything about these allegations they were asked. In fact, this final expectation is voiced as a claim for now. There is no clear information to confirm this.

Having a final for The Pit, whose ratings for the 4th season are also very good, will make Show TV more difficult. The holding of new series on the screen is very difficult and success may not come even after spending large budgets. Show TV saw this in the TV series Word Of Honor.

In other words, from the point of view of Show TV, he will not want The Pit to end so easily.

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