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6 July 2022 09:58


Farah Zeynep Abdullah surprised her fans with the old photo

The famous actress Farah Zeynep Abdullah, who gave life to the character of İnci in the series The Innocents, posted a photo taken 11 years ago on her Instagram account. The image of Farah Zeynep Abdullah, who posted her pose with her friend and celebrated her friend’s birthday, in those years surprised everyone.

The famous actress is actually very surprised by the change in her image. The famous actress, who we are used to seeing now with her blond short hair and curly hair, had a very different image back then with her long black hair.

The actress, who wrote a message to this photo, which is almost like a time warp, expressed both her love and longing for her friend and made a reference to her hair.

Farah Zeynep Abdullah said, “And what have we done to our hair? I cannot believe that the years have passed ”and stated that he has undergone a great change from his past to today.

Many of her fans made comments stating that they could not believe the state and image of their hair.

The actress, who successfully portrayed the character of İnci in the series The Innocents, impresses her fans with her beauty.

Abdullah, who created her image over the years, now has a more sexy and more assertive image.

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