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9 August 2022 15:38


With two super offers, Aslı Enver is the first name to be considered for opposite corner roles in two TV series!

Fans await Aslı Enver’s new projects with great excitement. The actress, whom we watched with the character of Ayşe on the Star TV screen with the TV series Babil, surprised everyone as the secret police in the project where she appeared as a secretary. The actress, who was talked about with the action scenes in the commercial film she was in at that time, received offers from two effective series in a row.

Aslı Enver, who was also talked about with her movie titled Sen Yaşamaya Bak, which was released on Netflix, received many offers. Among these proposals, two series stand out. It has also been revealed that the name of the actress has not been reached yet for the TV series Benim Adım Farah (My Name is Farah), which has been talked about for a while.

It is a remarkable detail that Aslı Enver is the first actress considered for Benim Adım Farah, which stands out as the adaptation of the TV series The Cleaning Lady.

Preparations continue for Benim Adım Farah, which tells the story of a woman who is fighting for the treatment of her son and agrees to be the hitman of the mafia in order to realize her goal. There is a large audience eagerly waiting for the domestic adaptation of The Cleaning Lady, whose rights were purchased by O3 Media.

Among the offers to Aslı Enver, there is another series that will surprise everyone with its story. It is said that she made an offer to Aslı Enver for the series called Arayış (The quest), which is being prepared by Ay Yapım, which will be broadcast on Disney Plus.

It is noteworthy that she is the first name to be considered for a very different role, with the female character infiltrating a cult to save the actor’s friend in the TV series Arayış.

It is known that Aslı Enver, who is considered for different roles, has not yet made a decision. However, there is another known situation. Very striking projects are being considered for Aslı Enver, who agreed with Disney Plus and only accepted to take part in projects on this platform with a very high fee.

It seems that the famous actress will be one of the most talked about Turkish actors not only in our country but also abroad with her Disney Plus projects in the upcoming period.

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