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6 July 2022 18:53


With which project did Meryem Uzerli, who has not been seen for a long time, come to the agenda?

Famous actress Meryem Uzerli entered our lives with the character of “Hürrem Sultan”, which she portrayed in the phenomenon series “Muhteşem Yüzyıl”, and soon established a throne in hearts both in Turkey and in the world.

Meryem Uzerli, whose fame reached many countries of the world with her “Muhteşem Yüzyıl”, was a name that never fell off the agenda. It was said that he had a burnout syndrome while the series was going on, and she left the show abruptly and went to Germany, where she was born and raised. Meryem Uzerli, whose two daughters were born in this process, started to take part in projects abroad. The beautiful actress, who has been away from the screens for a long time, appeared at the ‘International Asian Film Festival’.

Uzerli went to the capital Bishkek to promote the International Asian Film Festival TV Series Awards. Uzerli, who served as the head of the jury in the organization of the festival held in Los Angeles in 2019, announced that she will be the ambassador of the “Asian World TV Series Award Ceremony”, which will be held in Istanbul in May 2022, where TV stars will be rewarded this time.

At the press conference attended by Meryem Uzerli, the International Asian Film Festival TV Series Awards project created within the International Asian Film Festival was introduced. Uzerli, who assumed the voluntary ambassadorship of the project, expressed her pleasure to be a part of the International Asian Film Festival project.

President of the International Asian Film Festival, Şuhrat İbragimov, stated that the project covers more than 50 countries in Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, which host the languages ​​and cultures of different peoples, and said, “With the project, we want to show the creativity in the TV series industry to the whole world.”

In the organization that will be attended by an international jury and more than 40 countries, world-famous producers, directors and actors of the sector will be hosted in Istanbul at the award ceremony to be held for the first time. The festival, which will last for three days, will feature previews of new TV series and screenings of special selections.

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