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Woman tv series mixed up


Fox TV’s favorite series Woman continues to hit the screen.

When we look at the comments made by the followers in the social media concerning the series, the most noteworthy criticism about the cliff in the life of Sarp and Bahar.

It’s a tough time for Bahar to follow, for Sarp to be in a good mood, for those of you who are in a hurry.

The prosperity between Arif and Bahar has already made everyone forget Bahar and Sarp. What will happen when Sarp comes out? Will Bahar have to make a choice? Everyone has the same question in their minds.

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MesutYar mentioned this situation in the Posta newspaper:

Is not there a strange headache on Woman’s list? Sarp and Bahar still have not met. Spring is in your life and in your sow, Sarp is in a hurry …

Anyway what interests me is what the final will be.

Bahar”Love emotion” will be a reasonable final lesson.

If so, the series deserves such an end. Say what?”