Series News Yargı series may be the best starting series!

Yargı series may be the best starting series!

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A new series has started on Kanal D screen. The first episode of the TV series named Yargı impressed the audience on Sunday evening. The story, the product of Sema Ergenekon’s two-year effort, stands out as a drama-filled legal story…

The harmony of the lead role in the series Yargı, in which Pınar Deniz and Kaan Urgancıoğlu took the leading roles, was highly appreciated.

Many viewers, who left comments saying, “I watched it while holding my breath,” made comments expressing that they liked the series Yargı very much. In these comments on social media, you can see that the series is very popular. Some viewers see Yargı as the best starting series of this season.

The fact that the first episode is so impressive will make the Yargı series very popular in the market competition. The energy and strong harmony of the lead couple also stands out as an important factor in the success of the series.

The second part of the series is also eagerly awaited. The first trailer of the new episode has been released. Ceylin is deeply shaken by the truth she has learned!

Ilgaz chose Ceylin to defend Çınar. However, when the identity of the murdered person is learned, Ceylin experiences the shock of her life. Now Ceylin has to make a difficult decision.

Yargı will be on Kanal D with its new episode on Sunday, September 26 at 20.00.