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7 July 2022 00:02


Yasak Elma screenwriters know the formula for success very well!

Love to those who can stop the Yasak Elma, Fox TV’s series full of intrigue, lies, games and surprises. Yasak Elma, who has been hooked to the top of the rating race for the last two weeks, continues to leave behind ATV’s ambitious series Kalp Yarası. So who is the secret behind such great success?

Yasak Elma once again took the first place in the ratings. In all categories. This situation made both the producers and the actors very happy. On the success of the series last night, the leading actress Eda Ece shared a post on her Twitter account. Ece shared, “We would like to thank our loyal viewers who made us #1 in all rating categories. This love will not end! Yasak Elma FOREVER!!!!!!” she shared her joy.

Yasak Elma, the longest running series of Fox TV, came to the new season so quickly that it made a mess. The return of the series, which was criticized for its absurdity in the script in the past years, was magnificent.

The secret behind this success is undoubtedly the power of the screenwriters. Commenting on the TV series on Twitter, expert viewer Deniz Tural made a comment summarizing this issue. Tural commented, “Yasak Elma screenwriters read the audience really well. Here I see the formula for success. They present such an appetizing scenario to the audience, and when this comes together with the director and the actors, such good results emerge. Good luck with your efforts.”

Deniz Tural is right… The biggest share in the success of Yasak Elma is undoubtedly the screenwriters. Although the series is in its sixth season, it still continues with great success. From time to time, he manages to get out of the drop in his ratings.

The screenwriters, who immediately intervened in the story of the series, brought the drama production to the absurd comedy in the fifth season by highlighting the issues that would not be. There are a lot of things happening in the series that are actually impossible to experience in real life.

As a matter of fact, Şevval Sam, the leading actor of the series, had made the same comment a short time ago. Sam, who said that the Yasak Elma series made absurd comedy by bringing everything that should not be in this world to the screen, stated that this was the reason behind the success of the series.

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