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23 May 2022 19:28


You should see Songül Öden, who made you cry in the TV series Oğlum, in the TV series Uysallar!

Songül Öden is doing a great job again in the TV series Oğlum (My Son), which was broadcast on Show TV and saddened the audience with its heavy drama story. The successful actress Songül Öden, who is widely talked about with her theater plays as well as serials and movies, came to the fore with her TV series Uysallar, which is also broadcast on Netflix these days.

Oden, who brings tears to the eyes of the audience with her role as the mother in pain, gives life to the character of Zeynep. The actress, who won acclaim for her successful performance in this drama series on the screen, simultaneously appears in front of the audience with a completely different character in the Netflix series.

Songül Öden plays a mother of two children, Nil, in the TV series Uysallar, where she shares the leading roles with Haluk Bilginer, Erkan Öner Erkan and Uğur Yücel.

Canan Ergüder, Feyyaz Duman, Nihal Yalçın and Timur Acar take the leading roles in the TV series Oğlum, which comes to the screen on Wednesday. Every week, the audience sees Songül Öden with the heavy drama of mother Zeynep, who is devastated by the suspicion of her very young son killing another young child.

The actress gives life to a completely different personality in the mini-series Uysallar, which started broadcasting on March 30 and consists of 8 episodes. The series, which tells about the lives of family members, each living a different life and having different dreams, hiding what they are doing and continuing as if everything is normal around a table, was appreciated by the audience.

In the series, which stands out with its criticisms from current life, Songül Öden also gives life to a woman who has not worked for years to look after her children, who has been imprisoned at home and now wants changes in her life, to be respected and to show that she is useful.

Nil, who is looking for a job but cannot find a job due to her age, becomes friends by telling a woman in a place that she works in a workplace in the same plaza, and enters a completely different social environment, begins to live a secret life.

Nil, who leads a different life without making her family feel, tells her mother that she is going to go on a business trip. Songül Öden, with the character of Nil, who hangs out in the bar, in the tavern at night with an excuse, gets on the table in a scene and throws her belly.

Songül Öden, whom we watch as Zeynep on the screen at the same time with her successful acting and Nil on Netflix, plays both characters so naturally, simply and realistically that she gets full marks from the audience with her performance. Those who watch Öden in the TV series Uysallar, who do justice to her role, continue to praise her on social media.

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