You've been waiting for the Süslü Korkuluk series, but there's a new development worth it!
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25 March 2023 11:15


You’ve been waiting for the Süslü Korkuluk series, but there’s a new development worth it!

In the period when the Süslü Korkuluk (meaning: Fancy Scarecrow) series first came to the agenda, especially Çağatay Ulusoy had a great excitement for his fans. The series, which was expected to be broadcast on TV8 and even a promotional film, was transferred to Netflix when the deal could not be reached because its budget was too high.

Çağatay Ulusoy, who has not been on the screen for a long time, will unexpectedly meet the audience with the series to be broadcast on digital again, just as he will return to TV series. It’s a sad development for those who don’t subscribe to Netflix.

That wasn’t the only downside to the show, either. At the same time, there was a lot of talk that Çağatay Ulusoy wanted to be a partner, especially with Alina Boz, for the Süslü Korkuluk series. The name of the duo was mentioned together for a long time, but things changed when they moved to Netflix.

It has come to the fore that Alina Boz has given up playing in the series. Then the search for another player came to the fore. This time the offer went to Esra Bilgiç. The actress who just finished the Kanunsuz Topraklar series accepted this offer from Süslü Korkuluk.

OGM Pictures, the producer company of the series, whose preparations are ongoing, is working on the series meticulously. The audience is also curious and excited because of the series that has been talked about for a long time but has not started shooting.

The Süslü Korkuluk series has been on the agenda for about 2.5 months. Filming could not start due to setbacks, but some developments that were worth the long wait of the audience came to the fore…

When the series was first prepared for the national channel, the duration of the episodes was also quite long. But when it comes to shooting for digital, the number of episodes has also increased. As such, the number of seasons of the Süslü Korkuluk series has also increased.

Süslü Korkuluk, which will be one of the digital series consisting of 8 or 10 episode seasons in general, invites its fans to prepare for the 3rd and 4th seasons before they even start… This is particularly pleasing news for fans who miss Çağatay Ulusoy…

Meanwhile, the cast of the series is also taking shape. The inclusion of two important names, Olgun Şimşek, and Salih Bademci, also increases the assertion of the Süslü Korkuluk series.

Çağatay Ulusoy will give life to a fashion designer named Peyami in the Süslü Korkuluk series. Peyami will fall in love with the woman who comes to get him a wedding dress to get married. Esvet, who will fall in love with the bride-to-be, is played by Esra Bilgiç.

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