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9 August 2022 16:37


How so? Annemizi Saklarken series starts the same night as the final episode of Ada Masalı!!

It has been announced that Star TV’s new series, Annemizi Saklarken, will be broadcast on Wednesday, December 8th. However, there is a strange situation. Because on the same evening, there is the final episode of Ada Masalı. It was a matter of curiosity how the channel would broadcast the two series on the same evening.

The Ada Masalı series, which started as a summer series on Star TV and continues in winter despite its low rating, bids farewell to the screens this evening. With the finale of the series, which will be completed with its 25th episode, the couple of Haziran and Poyraz will appear before their fans for the last time next week.

Ada Masalı, signed by Ay Yapım, said hello to the audience in June. Although the series, which showed a head-to-head race with its biggest rival, Kanal D’s Baht Oyunu, was the leader in the first episodes, it lost the first place to its rival in the following weeks.

However, there is a strange situation. Because it was announced that Star TV’s new series Annemizi Saklarken, will be screened with its first episode on Wednesday, December 8th. That is the same evening as the final episode of Ada Masalı. This situation confused the audience a lot.

In this case, the possibility of Star TV applying the following option comes to mind. While the channel will broadcast the first episode of Annemizi Saklarken at 20:00, the final episode of Ada Masalı will be screened at a later time.

The Ada Masalı series, starring Ayça Ayşin Turan and Alp Navruz, took the audience to a warm love story on an island, and the audience loved the couple Haziran and Poyraz very much. Despite its low ratings, the series was very successful on social media, surpassing many top ratings for weeks.

But now it’s time to say goodbye to Ada Masalı. It has embraced the audience for weeks with its warm love story, will bid farewell to the screen with its 25th episode to be broadcast tonight. Star TV’s series full of intrigue and secrets will be replaced by Annemizi Saklarken.

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