Artists News A message from Anıl Altan to their daughters

A message from Anıl Altan to their daughters


Anıl Altan and Pelin Akil couple experienced double happiness on quarantine days. Pelin Akil had a birthday celebration last week. Anıl Altan, who made preparations for 3 days at home, had prepared his wife’s cake.

Yesterday, the couple celebrated their daughter’s first birthday, Alin and Lina. The couple continues to share their pleasant state with their babies from their Instagram accounts. The actor lives in front of the followers of almost every important moment of their lives. He often gives details about the development of his babies in his posts.

Anıl Altan left a message for her daughters, Alin and Lina, who celebrated her first birthday, to read in the future.

Here is the message:

“My dear daughters, for 1 year, even thank you for making our life beautiful from the second we received your first news … we are very lucky to choose us … I also thank your mother Pelin Akil in your presence … I knew very well that motherhood would suit but in this process I have become, dominance, love, motherhood … There may be times when we will be physically distant for life, but our love, bond, belief in each other is as far as far from this photo. Happy birthday my dear daughters. “