A new era begins in the Mr.Wrong series!
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26 November 2022 18:20


A new era begins in the Mr.Wrong series!

The 6th episode of the Mr.Wrong series, which is broadcast on the TV screen and brings Can Yaman and Özge Gürel together, is of great importance. The 6th episode of the series was not published on Friday, July 31 due to the feast. While this situation got a reaction from the audience, the reason Fox TV made such a decision was that the number of television viewers decreased very much.

Why is the 6th episode of the Mr.Wrong series important? Because it will show that a new era has begun in the series… This new era will begin with the characters of Ezgi and Özgür, who now leave themselves in their love arms.

In the romantic comedy series, the time until the characters leave themselves in their love arms is very fun and every scene is full of joyful scenes for the audience. Everybody likes these situations.

However, when love begins between the two characters, that first spell gradually deteriorates. The new emotions and a realistic story are expected to drag the characters… When will they ever live in love, the audience waiting, will pay more attention to the details from now on.

The magic of flirting in the Mr.Wrong series disappears as of chapter 6. After that, Özgür’s expression of his love for Ezgi and then the two characters moving towards a new life will be reflected on the screen.

Let’s see how the script will take shape after the love declaration of Özgür and Ezgi characters in the Mr.Wrong series. Because now there are episodes of the story that should surround the audience.

With the harmonious combination of Can Yaman and Özge Gürel, the next episodes will be more challenging to keep the audience on the screen.

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