Caner Cindoruk has refused the Çöp Apartment series!
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29 November 2022 20:08


Caner Cindoruk has refused the Çöp Apartment series!

One of the series prepared for TRT 1 screens is Çöp Apartment … TRT is making a series of stickers this year. Agreements are signed for new productions in a row. Çöp Apartment is one of the projects that the channel trusts…

It was revealed that the offer went to Caner Cindoruk and Birkan Sokullu for the series. However, the latest developments are that Caner Cindoruk does not want to appear in the series and rejects the offer. Cindoruk came forward with the Sarp character in the Woman’s series. He experienced his first series trial in Zemheri in 2020, but the project made a final in chapter 10 and said goodbye to the screen.

The director of Merve Dizdar will be the director of the series, Çağrı Lostuvalı.

Celil Nalçakan had previously been named for the leading role of a TV series signed by Deniz Madanoğlu, OGM Pictures. At the same time, Selen Uçer is also mentioned in the series.

There is an intensive preparation process for the series, in which the search for players continues.

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