Surprises don't end in the Forbidden Friut series
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27 November 2022 14:03


Surprises don’t end in the Forbidden Friut series

In the Forbidden Friut series, which is preparing to start a very good start to the new season, the first trailer of the 75th episode was confused. Şahika went to jail, and someone was waiting for her. There are many inferences about who this person is.

Some people guessed this person might be Ender, while others said it might be a new character. Forbidden Friut 2nd trailer from the 75th episode was released and the secret was revealed.

The person in the ward facing Şahika is none other than Ender … However, the surprise does not end with this. Another woman enters the ward. Or is it Yıldız?

Forbidden Friut series has already been the focus of attention with its trailers that managed to surprise everyone. What changes will there be in the story of the series, which seems to start very well in season 4, the audience is curious …

The series starring Talat Bulut, Şevval Sam, Eda Ece and Nesrin Cavadzade has a strong cast. Let’s see what kind of surprises we will watch in season 4…

Here is the second trailer of the 75th episode that contains a surprise in the Forbidden Friut series:

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