Who is Berk Oktay? Height – Age – TV Series – Family
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27 November 2022 14:18


Who is Berk Oktay? Height – Age – TV Series – Family

Berk Oktay was born on October 28, 1982 in Ankara. Turkish TV series actor and model.

Name: Berk Oktay
Date of Birth: October 28, 1982
Place of Birth: Ankara
Length: 1.91 m.
Weight: 77 kilos
Zodiac: Scorpio
Eye Color: Brown
Mother: Sevim Oktay
Father: Serdar Oktay
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brkokty23/
Pets: He has a dog.

Family: His mother is retired from English language teaching, his father is from the accounting department. “I grew up in a full nuclear family, my father is a very young spirited man; He also loves to travel. We have a house in Didim, when a little weather gets cold in the winter, our people run there and enjoy it. They come to Istanbul once in a while. They have a lively life according to them. I grew up in a family that I was really trying to follow. When I said ‘I want to start modeling’, my father was the first person to push behind me and support until the end. It was my father who helped me to freeze my school. He just said that; “You will make a promise to me, you will return from abroad and bring me the diploma.” I promised him and I kept my promise. Fortunately I did what you said, it opened another door to me.

Childhood years: He grew up in Ankara Bahçelievler until the age of 18. His nickname was his ‘gardened baby boy’. “I was a very naughty boy, I also had the house burned, the whole house really burned. Moreover, it was rent. Unfortunately. I apologize from my family here and again. I hope I don’t have a son whose childhood is as mischievous as mine. My mothers left me alone for only 15 minutes and went to my grandmother on the back street. Bayram. I also bought some of the VHS tapes of Kemal Sunal and a few fireworks with all of my festive pocket money. I started to shorten them with the lighter I found, so that whatever happened to me when I watched the movie, the threads hanging from the cover on the bed I leaned were not all the same size. Just then, the veil caught fire. When that happened, I ran away from home. When I escaped from the house, the door fell on me and at that moment the house burned. I ran to the neighbor. My parents had a big shock, but my father is a little crazy man, we fired together in the evening. ”

Education life: Graduated from Ankara University, Department of Geological Engineering. After graduating from university, he worked with Uğurkan Erez in Istanbul. Later, he joined Best Model and was selected as ‘Promising Model’.

milestones of life: After a while modeling abroad to finish the school keep his promise to his father, he returned to Turkey. After finishing school, he wanted to model abroad again but failed. Meeting with Türker İnanoğlu changed the direction of his career. “I tried modeling again, but the doors were closed to my face one by one. That’s why I met Turker Inanoglu by chance while thinking about what to do. It turned out that a friend of my mother knew, he called me to meet. I entered his room, talked from the water for 10 minutes and got my first job. ”

First step to acting: He started his television adventure with the series ‘Sweet Bela Fadime’.

With which project did it shine? It drew attention with the character ‘Sinan’ in the series ‘Arka Sokaklar’.

Personality traits: Business oriented, disciplined, emotional, determined, responsible, conscientious, perfectionist.

Social: He’s doing sports to relax his head. “My biggest reason for doing sports is to relax my head. A kind of therapy. But I can only go one day at this pace. Other than that, I use vitamin supplements. I eat healthy, drink herbal teas. ”

The structure of yesterday: An emotional person loves to live his emotions and does not try not to reflect them. He doesn’t take anyone to the center of his life. “I think nobody came to this world for any person. We all came as individuals. Already when approached with this mentality, the relations are healthier and more smooth. If you keep me alive at the center of your life and I get used to it, at the smallest moment that you spend time for yourself; I say, “What is going on?”, I think there is a problem. Of course, sharing the love, taking the necessary responsibilities for the relationship, but not getting used to living self-centered. Otherwise I can’t give you anything, what I give will sink to me. This time you will break with me. ”

How is someone on the set? The perfectionist tries to do his best and waits for the same thing. “Not everyone has to do their job perfectly, I am not saying I am perfect, but I am trying to do my best. I am a very different man during work. If every person in each unit on the set is not trying to do their job in the best way, it bothers me terribly. Whatever I do, I cut it in half, I don’t do my job until I understand and correct that human error. This is such a job that we are a wheel. We are all the same size gear, and if one of them breaks, the wheel won’t spin. If you are not trying to do your job in the best way, it does betray you. ”

A view of love: “I think looking for logic in love is the biggest irrational. I’m an emotional man. In life, women and men should have their own living spaces, and should not forget their responsibilities towards each other. When I say “I totally dedicate myself to you, I gave up myself, I live for you”, even if it sounds sweet at first, that relationship will eventually end. Therefore, my preference is to start with a woman I love and to have a very peaceful relationship. ”

His outlook on life: “The word that shapes his life; Le If you are back to ash, wait for goodbye again! ‘“Of course, there may be places where everyone behaves politically according to the situation. Sometimes this is necessary even for work, there may be situations where you have to act politically. The part not already done is called upright heading today. But other than that, if possible, especially in my private life. When I lose my sense of responsibility and conscientious feelings, I get out of the self. Let me have these two inside of me, I somehow stand. ”

His view of business life: When it comes to work, he cannot be a man without a gap, he wants to wear everything and be perfect. I also go over what I shouldn’t think of, or rather, what I shouldn’t think of. I want everything under my control, there is control stupidity. I do not have free time in my house where I can wear my pajamas and sit without thinking anything and rest my mind. Yes, I sit with my pajamas, but my head is constantly working. I am also a very business oriented person, and the unrest at work takes a day or two. ”

Career plan: wants to make a good feature film. “I have a role in a good feature film on my agenda first. We will look after that, it is not clear what will happen tomorrow. I don’t like to make too many forward-looking plans. ”

Imagination of the Future : He accomplished many things I wanted .. But there are also things he dreams of and tries to make it happen. “Actually, I am not dreaming too much because it is not clear what we will be. I attach great importance to the family structure. I hope my child will be when the conditions mature and when the right time comes. I want to continue my lineage. That’s why I say ‘I must be a father’. I love kids so much. I think I will be a good father.

The charm criterion in women: He finds women who respect themselves, who stand upright against life, who are indomitable, who pursue what they want and who are responsible. “I don’t like very authoritarian women but I don’t like very submissive women either. Anyway, a clever woman can balance the two very well. ”

Does it follow fashion? Supports comfort in dress preferences. He likes to wear what suits him. “Since I started modeling at the age of 17, I wore the clothes of many world-renowned designers and became a casual fan of daily life.”

Hobby: His biggest passion, Beşiktaş, doesn’t miss his team’s matches. Other than that, he loves to use motorcycles.


2007 / 2008- Sweet Bela Fadime / Levent Kabasakal
2008 / 2009- Acacia Stop / Murat
2009 / 2012- Back Streets / Sinan Demirer
2012- Alev Alev (Murat) (TV Series)
2013- I Still Have Hope / Hakan
2014- Can’t Escape Love / Berzan
2015 / 2016- Relationship Status: Mixed / Can
2015 / 2016- Relationship Status: Married / Can
2017 / 2020- Warrior / Captain Kağan Bozok


2016- Yeditepe University 4th Dilek Awards / Best Comedy Actor of the Year

2016- 5th Fashion TV Fashion Awards / Most Fashion Series Pair of the Year (Ayşegül – Can)

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