Merve Boluğur flies with happiness
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1 December 2022 06:22


Merve Boluğur flies with happiness

Merve Boluğur was one of the famous names that have been on the agenda with negative issues in recent years. Besides being no longer in the series, she would have been on the agenda because she could not organize her private life after leaving Murat Dalkılıç. Pay attention to the status of the famous player who has made many negative comments on social media.

However, in recent days, Merve Boluğur is almost full of freedom, happiness and joy of life, as if she took revenge on such content …

The famous actress, who was happy around her, visited Manavgat and cooled down by entering the water in Manavgat Waterfall.

She, who has turned her Instagram account into a garden of happiness with her poses as if she has taken revenge from all the negative news and comments made in recent years, continues to amaze her fans.

Is there any effect of the separation of ex-wife Murat Dalkılıç and Hande Erçel under this happiness of Merve Boluğur, and this is one of the questions asked …

Fans’ interpretation is “Merve Boluğur is back to life”…

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