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2 July 2022 09:40


A new series is coming from the director of Kara Para Ask! It will be the first Turkish series of HBO Max!

While Turkey is talking about the ambitious arrival of Disney Plus these days, one of the world’s most important digital broadcasting platforms is getting ready to start broadcasting in our country. The first Turkish series of HBO Max, which will start broadcasting in Turkey towards the end of this year, has been announced.

Disney Plus, which will start broadcasting in Turkey on June 14, has been on the agenda of Turkey in recent months. The reason is the handshake with Turkey’s most famous names. However, there is another international digital platform that is preparing to come to Turkey. HBO, owned by Warner Media of the USA, will start broadcasting in Turkey as HBO Max towards the end of this year.

The first Turkish series of the new digital platform has also been announced. According to the news of Milliyet newspaper writer Sina Koloğlu, the name of the first Turkish series of HBO Max will be Kör Nokta (Blind Spot). The director of the series is Ahmet Katiksiz, who is also the director of Kara Para Aşk (Black Money Love), which made a big impression all over the world.

The lead actors of the series, whose script will be written by Elif Usman, is not yet clear. However, there are two names interviewed. The subject of Kör Nokta, which will begin shooting in Gökçeada two months later, will be as follows: A woman returning to her town tries to solve the murder she encounters. As he tries to solve the murder, the hidden secrets of the town are revealed one by one. Ojo Pictures is producing the series.

Kara Para Ask, which met with the audience on the ATV screen with its first episode on March 12, 2014, aired 54 episodes and made the final with its last episode on July 15, 2015. While Ahmet Katiksız was the director of the series signed by Ay Yapım, successful writers Sema Ergenekon and Eylem Canpolat also wrote the script.

The series, which brought Tuba Büyüküstün and Engin Akyürek in the lead roles to international success, has finally become one of the most watched series on US Netflix. The series had previously been one of the five most-watched series on German Netflix.

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