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2 July 2022 14:05


Surprise that will drive her fans crazy from Sera Kutlubey, the beauty of the İyilik series

Famous actress Sera Kutlubey returned to the television screen with the Fox TV series “İyilik” (Goodness). The actress, who became popular in a short time with the character of ‘Cemre’, which she portrayed in the TV series Zalim İstanbul (Cruel İstanbul), attracted attention with the character of ‘Azra’ in Hercai. İyilik series offered Sera Kutlubey an important opportunity to showcase her talents.

The famous actress took on a very different character from the roles she played so far with the character of “Damla”she played in the series. In the story of İyilik, full of intrigue and deception, Sera Kutlubey almost shone with the role of the woman who was a scavenger and a home wrecker.

In addition to her new series, the actress is experiencing a very different excitement these days. Sera Kutlubey gave her fans the good news of her first book with her social media sharing.

The actress, who published her first book and compared this feeling to motherhood, used the following expressions; “The Fall of Plüto. It is the reason for my long absence. Yes, you can say she became a mother at an early age because she is my baby!

My baby’s birth was painful and its arrival was auspicious… Don’t look at how dark it looks; the story of those who built their own paradise, a little bit of blue, dreams, those who fell from their dreams, those who keep their arteries under their feet… To love the most… I am sooo excited, sir! On the shelves next week!”

Her fans will be able to read the book The Fall of Plüto, by Sera Kutlubey, who shares the lead roles with Hatice Şendil and İsmail Demirci in Fox TV’s İyilik series, starting next week.

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