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2 July 2022 15:08


A surprise may come this summer from İrem Helvacıoğlu, who is waiting for a marriage proposal from her lover!

Actress İrem Helvacıoğlu, who came to the screens with TV8’s new project Annenin Sırrıdır Çocuk (Mother’s Secret Child) series, is having exciting days in both her business and private life.

The actress, who set sail for a new love with chef Yolaç Özcan in 2021, declared her love on social media in the first hours of 2022. The Instagram account of İrem Helvacıoğlu, who does not hesitate to live her relationship in front of her, shares photos of her happy moments with her lover, and receives a lot of likes and comments.

İrem Helvacıoğlu, who attended the award ceremony organized by Okan University in the past days and was selected as the “Best Actress” by the students, answered the questions of the reporters about both her business and private life.

The beautiful actress, who prefers to wear a white, long, wedding dress, asked, “Is there a plan to get married in the summer?” When asked, İrem Helvacıoğlu replied, “Maybe, I don’t know. It may be, we are not closed to such an issue, we are talking about it,” she said.

When asked if he received a marriage proposal from her lover Yolaç Özkan, she replied, “No, the proposal has not come yet. I’ll tell you when it comes. I’m waiting for an offer.”

She also sent a message to her boyfriend through an interview.

“We talk, but the things you talk and act on don’t happen that fast. We don’t have time for this as both sides are very busy. Would you believe, we really don’t have time to see each other”.

She pointed out that they worked very hard with her boyfriend by using the expression.

“Do you have a dream marriage proposal?” To the question, “No, it is not how big the offer is, but how we live after that offer is more important, it is not important to me how big the offer is. The marriage proposal does not continue. Let’s share a beautiful life, I think that’s the important thing” and stated that she does not think about fairy tale things about marriage, but dreams about realistic things.

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