Series News When and in which episode will the season finale of the Mahkum series take place?

When and in which episode will the season finale of the Mahkum series take place?


The second season is already planned for the series Mahkum (Prisoner), in which Onur Tuna and İsmail Hacıoğlu achieved great success and Seray Kaya left very early as the leading actor.

In addition to the successful performances of Melike İpek Yalova and Hayal Köseoğlu, the cast, supported by Talat Bulut, started shooting the last scenes of the first season… The Mahkum series is scheduled to complete the first season on Thursday, June 2nd.

The series, which has 21 episodes so far, will take a summer break with its 24th episode. Some actors of the series will continue to work in the summer period. For example, İsmail Hacıoğlu agreed with a movie called 49 and preferred to work in the summer months.

The Mahkum series started the season so successfully that it took the first place in the ratings with its story and acting performances. However, the problems experienced in the story of the series in the last 2 months caused a serious loss of viewers.

Even if the Mahkum series doesn’t look as strong as it did earlier in the season, this may improve in the second season. With the renewal of the scenario during the summer break and the inclusion of new actors in the story, it will not surprise anyone that The Mahkum has started the second season like a bombshell.

In addition, Onur Tuna, who played the character of Prosecutor Fırat in the series, was awarded the “Most Successful Actor of the Year” award by the students of Okan University. Reaching this award for her role in the series Mahkum, the actor used the following meaningful expressions in his message to the youth:

“We are doing a job, actually we are trying to persuade someone. Sounds like we’ve been persuaded, with this award. It is very important for us that this award comes from the university. I always wish the best for the young friends. Always looking for ways to be free. They should not forget that education is very important as well as knowledge and learning.”