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6 July 2022 19:58


A very special TV series project that convinced Bade İşçil to return to the sets!

Born in Istanbul in 1983, Bade İşçil achieved great popularity with the character of Şebnem, which she portrayed in the TV series Ezel in 2009. Thanks to the series that made its finale in 2011 and lasted for 71 episodes, Bade İşçil, who gained a wide fan base, suited the screen very well with her talents and beauty.

Then, the actress’ role as Banu in the much-loved series Kuzey Güney made her fame increase. The actress, who was also remembered for her role as Pelin in the Ufak Tefek Cinayetler series, most recently gave life to the character of Işık in the Netflix series Aşk 101.

The new series project of the actress, who prefers digital works instead of television projects, will also be shot for a digital platform. Bade İşçil and Deniz Çakır are in the lead roles in the TV series, Aslında Özgürsün, which will be broadcast on Gain.

Deniz Çakır attracted attention by choosing the series named Masumiyet, which gave important messages about violence against women last season. Another detail was that the actress took part in a women’s project again.

Bade İşçil has not shown herself in any other project for a long time, except Aşk 101. It was also a remarkable development that the actress accepted a series in which the impressive story of two women would be told.

The story of the series, starring the duo Bade İşçil and Deniz Çakır, is adapted from the book of the same name by the famous writer Duygu Asena, who is known for her struggle for women’s rights. In fact, you will watch the interesting story of businesswoman Berna and a hopeless housewife Belgin in the TV series called You are Özgür.

Alican Yücesoy will be the male lead in the series, which will reflect the psychological states of these two women who do not give up on their dreams under the pressure of society.

Bade İşçil fans are also happy that the actress, who is cold towards television series, returns to the sets with a digital project.

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