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3 July 2022 10:55


Bahar Şahin met with her two former co-stars in the new series!

Fans of the series, who have heard the name Bahar Şahin frequently recently, will also remember the O Hayat Benim project closely. The name who played the character of Müge in this series when she was still in her adolescence was none other than Bahar Şahin.

The beautiful actress, who was born in Ankara in 1997, stepped into the sector with the series O Hayat Benim, after her short role in the TV series Ulan İstanbul. The character of Müge was one of the saddest names in the series and Bahar Şahin gave a very successful performance throughout 126 episodes.

Drawing attention with her youth and beauty, Bahar Şahin gained popularity in a short time when she displayed her talents. One of the actress’ co-stars in this series was Ahu Sungur. Ahu Sungur and Bahar Şahin, who portray the character of Hülya, will meet again in a series after years.

Five years after O Hayat Benim, which made its final in 2017, the two actors will meet in the cast of the new TV series, Masum ve Güzel. Another series of Bahar Şahin was Zalim İstanbul…

Bahar Şahin, who showed how talented she was and how much she improved herself with the character of Ceren in the Zalim İstanbul series, which made the final in June 2020, enchanted her fans.

One of the young actress’ co-stars in this series was Mine Tugay… Now, two actors will meet again on the same set after 2 years.

Bahar Şahin will experience the excitement of being together with her two former co-stars in the series Masum ve Güzel, prepared by Avşar Film.

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