Ada Masalı and the Baht Oyunu were replaced, the ratings were shocking!
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26 March 2023 00:15


Ada Masalı and the Baht Oyunu were replaced, the ratings were shocking!

On the summer screen, 3 productions are screened on Tuesday evenings. Maraşlı series is one of the rare productions from the winter season and 25 episodes have been broadcast. On Tuesday, July 13, Maraşlı will complete its screen life by making the final. Baht Oyunu and Ada Masalı from the summer series continue on their way.

Last night, when the Maraşlı series surprised everyone with its falling ratings, the Baht Oyunu made a great debut and caused surprise. Kanal D’s popular series continues to connect viewers step by step.Baht Oyunu, starring Cemre Baysel and Aytaç Şaşmaz, was on the screen with its 4th episode last night. Compared to the first 3 episodes, the 4th episode got such good ratings that everyone was surprised.

The entertaining story and successful acting performances of the series make it stand out a little more every week. However, in the meantime, we witness the opposite fall of Ada Masalı series on Star TV.

Alp Navruz and Ayça Ayşin Turan met in Ada Masalı, the 4th episode of which was broadcast last night. Ada Masalı had good ratings in the first 3 episodes. But things changed last night.

Baht Oyunu achieved a good start in its 4th episode and finished the day in first place in all categories. However, last night did not go well for Ada Masalı series.

Ada Masalı suffered a bit of a fall in its 4th episode. It did not go unnoticed that Ada Masalı in all categories of the Baht Oyunu series passed by a large margin. Ranking 3rd in all people, Ada Masalı finished the day in 6th place in EU and 4th in ABC1.

Ada Masalı drew attention with the decrease in interest last night. Baht Oyunu, on the other hand, deserved applause with its sudden jump in ratings. The struggle of the two series on the summer screen will continue in the coming weeks.

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