Ah Nerede series is the first trailer released, it's coming to conquer your hearts!
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1 October 2022 02:22


Ah Nerede series is the first trailer released, it’s coming to conquer your hearts!

Star’s new series ‘Ah Nerede’ is starting soon with its strong cast and intriguing story. In the lead roles; The first episode of “Ah Nerede”, featuring Oktay Çubuk and Nil Keser, met with the audience last night.

With Bülent İşbilen in the director’s chair, the project design adapted by Kübra Sülün and Meryem Demirli, the story of Orhan Aksoy, the original screenplay by Sadık Şendil, the series signed by Suavi Doğan and 10th Ev Yapım is starting soon!

The promotion, which appeared on the screen last night, won the admiration of the audience with its youthful and colorful energy. One of the ambitious projects of the summer season, ‘Ah Nerede’ is counting the days for broadcast.

Starring Oktay Çubuk and Nil Keser, young and talented actors of the screens; The subject of the TV series “Ah Nerede”, featuring successful names such as Derya Alabora, Ayşe Kökçü, Ferit Aktuğ, Korhan Herduran, Aycan Koptur, Asena Keskinci, Batuhan Sert, Miray Akay, Merve Nur Bengi, Ahsen Türkyılmaz, and Tarık Pabuççuoğlu, is as follows. ;

Ferit (Oktay Çubuk), one of the three benevolent sons of a traditional family, is a womanizer who has made Casanova his motto. He lives his life happily on his father’s money. Until he is caught…

Zehra (Nil Keser), on the other hand, is a young woman who had to drop out of the Faculty of Medicine, works as a waitress in a patisserie, and has an ordinary life. Until she gets the chance to go back to school…

Zehra and Ferit, who have two completely different paths from each other, have to walk the same path for their common interests. But man meets his destiny on the road he often avoids.

While Ferit thinks that he is distracting his family in the game he entered with Zehra, he is unaware that the real game is being played against him.

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