Alina Boz is both natural, smart and shy!
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27 March 2023 12:19


Alina Boz is both natural, smart and shy!

Alina Boz, who made a name for herself with her shattered series, experienced a significant rise in her career with the series of “Don’t Leave My Hand” and Love 101. The young actress also reached fame at an early age.

Speaking to Elle magazine, Alina Boz reminded me that fame is a strange thing and said, “I can make a person very happy or scared. I always had a very shy structure, I thought maybe it will change over time, but it hasn’t changed yet. I know this: I just want to do what I am happy.” said.

If one of these sparkly days comes to an end, it is no problem for Alina Boz. The actress stated that this is something that man can control and is not afraid. “I will do my best to be satisfied with that state of life,” added Alina Boz.

She, who said that the meaning of happiness is to be with the people she loves, added that neither the work she did nor the successes she gained could be substituted for the happiness of the loved ones.

Alina Boz thinks that this life has no meaning when she is alone. She sees her life as leaving herself to the flow of the waves and is happy to live without a schedule. Underlining that beauty is also the feeling of well-being, the young actress mentioned that this is the state of feeling well, not only as an image but also spiritually.

Alina Boz added that she made an effort to stay natural by not touching her skin and hair during the quarantine period and that there was no beauty and care routine other than keeping her skin clean.

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