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4 July 2022 08:09


An opportunity as effective as the Sen Anlat Karadeniz has emerged for Öykü Gürman!

Öykü Gürman continues to engage in music as a singer, occasionally makes television shows, and continues to pursue her career as a TV series actress with various projects.

Öykü Gürman, who took a break from acting for a while recently when she was interested in music, wanted to be on the screen again in the new season. Now it turns out that this wish of the actress came true. Öykü Gürman was one of the actors who will appear in the second season of the Alparslan series on the TRT1 screen.

The audience, who remembers the character of Asiye in the TV series Sen Anlat Karadeniz (Lifeline), is pleased that Öykü Gürman is back on the sets. The actress, whose character in the new series is also very curious, got the second big opportunity in her career with the Alparslan series.

Öykü Gürman, who will portray the character named Öke Hatun in the story, will once again increase her popularity by taking part in a very influential TV series watched by millions.

Since the Alparslan series is a production that attracts attention abroad, this will be an important step in the career journey of the actress.

Sen Anlat Karadeniz was watched in many countries abroad. Öykü Gürman, who will now return to the screens with the Alparslan series, will have an important chance to be recognized abroad, as well as the opportunity to showcase her acting skills.

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