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4 July 2022 02:05


Another transfer to the TV series Saygı in its new season

The series of BluTV, which tells the story of the extraordinary anti-hero Ercüment Çözümer and his friends, has started shooting for the second season. The series is making a name for itself with the names that it has taken to its staff in its new season.

In the statement made yesterday, Damla Sönmez, who played the character of Efsun in the Çukur series, was included in the cast. It is certain that Sönmez, who has a huge fan base with her strong acting, will bring a big movement to the series Saygı.

There was another transfer from Çukur to the series Saygı. The actor Sarp Akkaya, who played the role of Şahram in the last 3 episodes of the Çukur series, once again met with Damla Sönmez in the same project.

The last name to join the TV series Saygı was master actor Dost Elver. Born in 1972, the actor mainly plays in theaters. The actor has not appeared on the screens for a very long time. Dost Elver, who last starred in Bahtiyar Ölmez series in 2018, will return to the screens with the TV series Saygı

The team of the series, which appeared before the audience with its first season last year and brought together Nejat İşler, Boran Kuzum and Miray Daner in the lead roles, started shooting the second season yesterday. The first photo sharing from the series set was also made yesterday. The new transfers created great excitement among the audience.

The antihero Ercüment Çözümer, who is in the Behzat Ç series and played by Nejat İşler, is someone who tries to fix the problems in the society in his own way, uses violence as a tool to solve these problems, and is a type that no one will approve of. The series tells the story of Ercüment Çözümer and his friends.

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