Series News AslıEnver stands by the series

AslıEnver stands by the series


MuratBoz’s sudden departure after the request of the almost destroyed AslıEnver’in standing in ‘Bride of Istanbul’ serial Süreyya character …

AslıEnver, known for her loyalty to the job and reaching the best point of her career with the recent rise, has embraced her work in order to avoid this spell.

She, who embarks on her love affair and continues herenthusiasm for her work, is able to get rid of her sorrows.

However, the change in the successful player is not avoiding attention.

MuratBoz and 2.5 years in a month before the end of the association AslıEnver, 6 pounds because of the pain of separation.

She, who is said to have been cut off from a meal without a drink, is able to ease her pain through the ‘Bride of Istanbul’ series.

As soon as she lost weight, another change in she was to start smoking more.

‘Bride of Istanbul’ series in June will make the season final, AslıEnver, the next holiday her brother in Mexico, so far from the discussions will be spent in Turkey.

AslıEnver stands by the series 7