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Aslıhan-Gürbüz was born in Çanakkale on 16 February 1983

At the age of 5, he decided to move from Istanbul to Bursa because of his father’s job. He studied at Musherref Muzaffer Samda Elementary School in İnegöl District of Bursa.

Aslıhan Gürbüz graduated from Conservatory Theater Department of Konya Selçuk University after studying Computerized Accounting at a vocational high school.

He took part in Beyond The Clouds series, which was published on Kanal D screens in 2009, written by Timar Prosecutor and written by script Meral Okay and directed by Ulaş İnaç.

Aslıhan Gürbüz, who announced his name with the title of Yahşi Charm, reached a summit with A Little Murder.

Aslıhan Gürbüz married Kerem Kupacı in July 2011 and left in 2014.

Aslıhan Gürbüz who is now nobody in her life is focused on her career.