Back Streets Turkish TV series
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29 September 2022 13:43


Back Streets Turkish TV series

The series Back Streets appears to be the most successful production in Turkish television history.

The most important share of the successful progress of the Back Streets TV series for years is the experience of the cast and the story includes current topics.

Back Streets series subject and actors

A magical and huge city that challenges centuries; Istanbul. And our heartbreaking police who challenge every evil and hardship to make every street of this city a better, more ‘livable’ place for everyone…

A “civilian” team working at the Istanbul Police Department Public Security Branch, is crawling the streets of this metropolis with their minibuses and fighting against all kinds of lawlessness that they encounter.

Our police constantly encounter different and diverse human stories during their duties. These stories that make you smile from time to time; Rıza Baba, who approaches with his experience and “fatherhood” and guides other young members of the team. Rıza Baba; It will teach the team many things about both the profession and life, and remind them of the forgotten.

In short, the lives of our cops and their families and the adventure of Istanbul streets will be intertwined, our heroes; they will always be with each other in joy, grief, love and loneliness. When one of them stumbles, they will support and raise him all together.

Producer: Erler Film / Türker İnanoğlu
Director: Orhan Oğuz
General Coordinator: Yılmaz Ekmekçi
Screenplay Consultant: Ahmet Yurdakul
Screenplay: Ozan Yurdakul, Sinan Yurdakul

Cast: Zafer Ergin (Rıza Baba), Şevket Çoruh (Mesut), Özgür Ozan (Hüsnü), Oya Okar (Selin), Alp Korkmaz (Ali), Ozan Çobanoğlu (Hakan), Özlem Çınar (Aylin), Nazlı Tosunoğlu (Nazike) , İpek Yaylacıoğlu Usta (Pınar), Hülya Kalebayır Çelik (Ayla), Merve Oflaz (Bahar), Can Başak (Arif Manager), Boğaç Aksoy (Volkan), Virgo Shooter (Hande), Kerimhan Duman (Tunç), Manolya Aşık (Şule ), Yüsra Geyik (Zeliha), Onur Bay (Tekin), Furkan Göksel (Metin), Tunç Oğuz (Arda), Beste Seyhan Şamcı (Eda), Melisa Şalgam (Asiye), Efe Günay (Haydarberk), Kaan Uslu (Efe) , Ada Baykan (Zeyno Bebek)

Production Company: Erler Film »
Producer: Türker İnanoğlu
Director: Orhan Oğuz
Screenplay: Ahmet Yurdakul, Ozan Yurdakul, Sinan Yurdakul, Ömer Genç
Music: Murat Evgin

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