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18 August 2022 07:57


Bahar Şahin, who can not find what she is looking for in the series, will give another surprise to her fans!

Bahar Şahin, one of the successful actresses of the young generation, got a quick start in her career after starring in the TV series Zalim İstanbul (Cruel İstanbul). The actress got so much acclaim for her character Ceren in this series that her fans began to wait curiously for her next project.

Bahar Şahin did not take part in TV series for a long time after Zalim Istanbul. After two years, she acted in a series called Duran, which was shot for the digital platform Gain. Then, she returned to television with Gülümse Kaderine (Smile Destiny), which was screened on Fox TV. Unfortunately, the series did not receive the expected attention. The series of Bahar Şahin, starring with Sude Zülal Güleri, made its finale after 5 episodes.

Her story was impressive by the audience, but her failure to get the expected ratings in the season caused the series to end early. Bahar Şahin fans were also disappointed that the actress returned to the screen after a long hiatus! Bahar Şahin was already away from the screen for 2 seasons. She had chosen the Gülümse Kaderine series among many offers, but it did not turn out as she expected!

It is not clear yet when the actress will return to the screen. Fans are in anticipation for the new season, but they can’t get any good news. However, there is another development that will make Bahar Şahin fans happy, albeit a bit.

Bahar Şahin is currently in front of the camera for a movie called Zevcat! The shooting of the movie has started and the first photos from the set have arrived. Bahar Şahin is in front of the camera with Cemal Hünal, Hande Subaşı, Yağmur Ün, Ebrar Alya Demirbilek in the movie “Zevcat” produced by İlter Aykaç and Erol Akyürek and produced by Altayaz Production and Kum Film.

Beyza Er is the director of the movie about Bahar, who has just finished her entrepreneurship course, and her path crosses with Kadir, who is married and has children, while she dreams of opening her own workshop, and her life takes a completely different turn.

It was claimed that Yağmur Ün, who played the character of Dilek, was removed from the cast of the film, but these allegations were not true. Yağmur Ün, posing for the lens with the director of the movie, Beyza Er; “We started shooting the movie. We had an enjoyable set day. I believe we will make a very good film. Everything is fine,” she said.

“Zevcat”, the screenplay of which was written by Mert Selek and Meryem Beyza Er, will be released in America and Turkey in October and will be presented to moviegoers.

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