Artists News Beautiful actress Damla Colbay went to a change of image!

Beautiful actress Damla Colbay went to a change of image!


Actress Damla Colbay, first known for her TV series Kara Para Aşk (Black Money Love), which was published in 2014, later appeared in the TV series Hayat Mucizelere Gebe, İçerde and Zengin ve Yoksul.

Damla Colbay experienced a leap in her career with the Hekimoğlu series broadcast on Kanal D screens. Damla Colbay, who returned to the screens with the Yalnız Kurt (Lone Wolf) series of ATV after Hekimoğlu, gave life to the character of “Sare” in the series in which she took the leading role.

However, the actress will not take part in the second season of the Yalnız Kurt series. The actress, who left the series, is currently meeting with her fans through social media posts.

It did not go unnoticed that the actress went to an image change in her last share. Damla Colbay, who shortened her long hair, appeared before her fans with her new image.

Fans of the actress liked her new style very much. The photo was commented on as “Short hair suits you very well”.

Damla Colbay said goodbye to the Yalnız Kurt TV series in the first season, in the second season. In the series, which is expected to meet with the audience again in September with its 21st episode, a significant part of the audience found the character of “Sare” very dull and made criticism that Damla Colbay was not very suitable for this story. Fans of the actress are also eagerly awaiting her new project.