Artists News Beren Saat misses her dogs

Beren Saat misses her dogs

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Famous actress Beren Saat is currently in Mardin for the 3rd season of Atiye series. The actress is in Mardin, where she went a while ago, for the new episodes of her Netflix series. Season 3 shooting of the TV series Atiye started in August and was suspended at the beginning of September. After a break of about 3 weeks, the shooting of Mardin started with the completion of the episodes in Istanbul.

The actress, who appeared in front of the camera with Mehmet Günsur, Metin Akdülger and Melisa Şenolsun, drew attention with a post she made on Instagram. Saat shared the photo she took during a video phone call from the Instagram story section.

You can see the photo of the moment when the person opposite Beren Saat was speaking and turned the screen into his cute dog. The famous actress shared this photo with heart emojis. The name of Beren Saat’s dog is Cimcik. A while ago, the actress told us that they owned Cimcik when she was in bad situation.

The actress wanted to draw attention to this special day by sharing a photo of her two Golden and Spitz dogs due to the October 4th Animal Day.

In the past days, she shared the videos of her two cute dogs running around in the garden and in the living room of his house on his Instagram page and conveyed that he was very happy with them and showed how much she loved his two dogs by saying ‘my son’. .

She said that her husband Kenan Doğulu and they had a dog named Golden Boss, but Cimcik, who came into their lives later, was a very scared dog when they came, and after a while they quickly clamped together and said, “Sometimes I think, did I save him or did he save me? ? ” had made his comment.

Beren Saat will have missed Cimcik, one of his dogs, who he loves so much, that he shared her video call with him on his Instagram account.