Artists News Burcu Biricik has spirited in quarantine days!

Burcu Biricik has spirited in quarantine days!


Famous actress Burcu Biricik is among the names that seldom share on social media during coronavirus days. The player who said goodbye to the Kuzgun series this season in a short time, upset his fans.

Burcu Biricik, who had to spend a season empty due to the raven, is resting in her house due to the coronavirus epidemic. She who shared very rarely showed that she spent time in the kitchen with the video he shared.

Burcu Biricik, who shared a new post with her dog, shared her smiling pose saying “Have a nice day.”

She, who showed that she was happy and peaceful, received thousands of likes and compliments from her followers. The fans who say “how beautiful you are” want the player to share more.