Series News Cemal ignited the fuse! Kaderimin Oyunu fans, are you ready for a new era?

Cemal ignited the fuse! Kaderimin Oyunu fans, are you ready for a new era?


There are important developments in the series Kaderimin Oyunu (Game of My Destiny), which is broadcast on Star TV on Friday evenings. A new page opens in the exciting story of the series, which met with the audience in 17 episodes and lost some ratings recently. A turning point has been reached in the story of the series, in which Akın Akınözü and Öykü Karayel met in the lead roles.

The most striking word in the 18th episode, which is expected to experience important developments in the series with the emergence of the facts, will come out of Cemal’s mouth… The following words of Cemal, which were reflected in the 18th episode trailer, were: “Are you ready for a new life, Cemal, I’m talking to Helin today. …” Asiye, on the other hand, is quite happy in this situation, because the problems that seem to be insoluble are on the way to being resolved.

Asiye understands that Cemal is determined to divorce Helin… This means a new beginning for both of them, but nothing will be easy… As Cemal experiences the excitement of the new era by saying “I will show everyone how to be a father”, Sarp Apak’s portrayal of Mahir, on the other hand, is in great disappointment… It seems that the audience will experience a lot of sadness over Mahir’s character.

Cemal is excited to think that he has started a new life, but there is also the possibility that nothing in the story will go as he wanted. Here are some details about what will happen in the 18th new episode:

Mahir is upset by the suspicion that Asiye, whom he stands next to despite everything, has a relationship with Cemal. A big confrontation awaits Asiye. Cemal, on the other hand, is burning with the desire to make up for the time he lost with his children, while taking steps for the new life he dreams of.

But Uğur is torn between Mahir, whom he counts as his father, and Cemal, whom he learned years later. While all this is going on, Necmi turns into a bomb ready to explode for the family… You can watch the 18th new episode of Kaderimin Oyunu on Friday, April 22, at 20.00 on Star TV.