Damla Colbay's new curiosity scared her fans!
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2 February 2023 20:16


Damla Colbay’s new curiosity scared her fans!

Damla Colbay, the actress we watched in the lead role in ATV’s Yalnız Kurt (Lonely Wolf) series, impresses with the character of “Sare”.

After Kanal D’s series called Hekimoğlu, which said goodbye to the screens last season, Hasan Denizyaran accompanies the actor who prefers Osman Sınav’s Yalnız Kurt series in the new season.

The beautiful actress became interested in a new hobby in her spare time from the set of the TV series. She, who learned how to skate, shared these moments with her followers on her Instagram account. The actresswho persisted in learning to skate was not bad at all on her first try.

Damla Colbay’s social media post received hundreds of comments in a short time, such as “You are a born warrior and you look very beautiful”.

In an interview she gave in the past days, her fans were enchanted by the fact that the actress, who was suffering from the intensity of her work because she couldn’t find the opportunity to do anything, seemed happy like a child when she was skating. Some fans were worried that the actress would fall, but Damla Colbay took every precaution by wearing her knee pads.

Damla Colbay’s harmony with her co-star Hasan Denizyaran in the Yalnız Kurt series, which came to the screen after nearly 2.5 years of preliminary preparation, is also appreciated by her fans. Regarding her co-star, the actress said, “Hasan is the sweetest and best person in the world. I really got to know him here, but he’s one of the best people I’ve known lately.

In this period, I am very lucky in that sense, as meeting good people is now a luxury. We also help each other on stage and I think the chemistry between us reflects well on the screens.”

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