Artists News Damla Sönmez has a valid reason to get botox!

Damla Sönmez has a valid reason to get botox!


Famous actress Damla Sönmez appeared in the new season, this time with the Aziz series, after taking part in the Çukur series last season. The actress gives life to the character named Dilruba on Show TV on Friday evenings.

Damla Sönmez participated in the talk show on Show TV with her friends Murat Yıldırım and Simay Barlas, in which she took the leading roles. When the subject was opened about botox, Damla Sönmez pointed out the importance of the actor’s gestures.

The actress stated that she had to have botox and she did it for her health. The actress revealed for the first time that she had Masseter Botox because she clenched her teeth. The actress who has botox applied to the muscles responsible for chewing, which is located symmetrically in both arcs of the chin, can cause facial pain due to this procedure.

It doesn’t lose anything from its expression.

Stating that it is meaningless for a actor to have botox if they cannot move their facial muscles, Damla Sönmez explained her situation on this issue with the following words:

“For example, I have Masseter Botox. Because I’m grinding my teeth. I do it for health. I’m not against either. If people are happy that way, because it can change a lot. Being happy with what one sees in the mirror. But if you can’t create an expression with your face, then of course that shouldn’t be the case for the actor.”