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17 May 2022 16:16


Damla Sönmez revealed the mobile phone problem, took a big decision on social media!

Damla Sönmez, who played the character of Dilruba in the TV series Aziz on Show TV, once again enchanted her fans with her very successful acting performance. The beautiful actress, who plays the leading role with Murat Yıldırım and Simay Barlas, is in Antakya for the shootings.

Damla Sönmez, who was the guest of Hakan Gece’s youtube channel from Hürriyet newspaper, attracted attention with her words about being instantly accessible via mobile phone. The actress pointed to a point that many people actually have but don’t see as a problem.

In the story of the Aziz series, there is a world without mobile phones. The fact that the story is not immediately accessible in the 1930s is a nice detail for many viewers.

Born in 1987, Damla Sönmez stated that she has already experienced in her life what it means to live in a world without mobile phones as a generation. The actress said, “I just coincided with her passing. The issue of being instantly accessible makes me a little uneasy and uncomfortable,” she said.

Damla Sönmez thinks that not being able to reach someone else instantly is a sacrifice that can be made. The fact that someone reaches her instantly is a disturbing detail for the actress.

Stating that they can still meet with her friends by contracting, Damla Sönmez also talked about the negative effect of social media and said: “There is always the feeling that we are missing something. Social media has a lot of influence. We are constantly exposed to what other people are doing. It influences you, too, that you have to do something. I would also like to live in a time where there are no cell phones.”

Explaining that she is not a social media person, Damla Sönmez stated that she also realized that she had forced herself to use social media before. Explaining that she put a time limit on herself when the pandemic started, the actress said, “I realized that I had terrible times,” and stated that she did not show that much interest in social media anymore.

Stating that this restriction on social media gave good results and that she now spends less time, Damla Sönmez added that she now shares less on her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

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