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6 July 2022 10:17


Demet Özdemir revolted against the lynching culture on social media!

Dressing for the famous actress Demet Özdemir has the same meaning as comfort … The actress, who does not like to be in clothes that she is not comfortable with, works closely with her style consultant Rutkay Öziş. Expressing her views on fashion in the chat program she participated in Instagram, Demet Özdemir stated that the white t-shirt in which she participated in the publication tells about her view on clothing.

The actress explained this as follows: “I think dressing is like this. I went here with a white shirt, right? I looked at the clothes, I thought about it, you will immediately understand what it is like to dress. I got a little scaly clothes, I think it is too much. … This is a little bit variable for me. I had a meal, a shower, a little blush on my cheek. A little bit too much (laughs). I want to sit comfortably now, a white t-shirt came to my hand, completely independent of everything. I’m comfortable. ”

Although she emphasizes comfort in choosing clothes, the famous actress has to be stylish in the events she attends. Demet Özdemir, who is aware of this, said, “I love elegance. Then, let’s not eat lynching, ” she said in a humorous saying.

What Özdemir meant in lynching is the expressions that exceed the criticism dose in social media … Because it is not surprising that many people on the social media come to the table, if exaggerated or absurd choices are made about the famous actors.

The famous actress stated that an erroneous statement to be said in such broadcasts had a great echo, and believed that love would save humanity.

Demet Özdemir spoke as follows: “If we say a wrong word in the publication today, unintentionally. So there is no tomorrow. Don’t look at the phones tomorrow. There is also violence, there is violence in the street. Because people look at each other lovingly. I decide the next day according to them. That’s why I am. I say, let us all be brave. Let people turn to them now, it will really save us. Nothing else. So I went out with a white T-shirt. Nothing else matters if I’m happy. ”

She, who poses with her daily clothes in her posts on her Instagram account, takes care not to overdo it and be natural. Demet Özdemir also does this where she should be stylish in the invitations she attends. However, she does not like an exaggerated style of dressing in the home environment, where she is comfortable.

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