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7 July 2022 03:53


Will Alina Boz play in a new series?

Famous actress Alina Boz became popular with the Broken Pieces series. The actress was very popular with the character of Azra in the latest Don’t Give Up My Hand series. On the other hand, the Love 101 series opened up a great opportunity for the actor to show herself in different countries of the world through Netflix.

Alina Boz portrayed the character of Eda in the series Love 101, shot in the summer of 2019. Will the actress who got applause for her performance be in a new series in the new season? That is why Alina Boz fans often ask this question.

However, at the moment, a new series does not appear in Alina Boz’s plans, except for the second season of the Love 101 series. The actress is expected to interview for new projects after completing the shootings of the Netflix series.

Alina Boz had fun moments on the set of the series last year. However, she had difficulties due to the Don’t Give Up My Hand series. She does not want to experience the stress of bringing the two series together again. For this reason, it aims to complete the second season of the Love 101 series.

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