Eda Ece clarified Şevval Sam's claim to leave the Yasak Elma!
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5 February 2023 00:46


Eda Ece clarified Şevval Sam’s claim to leave the Yasak Elma!

The successful series of Fox TV, Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple), completed its fifth season at the top. The separation of Şevval Sam and Berk Oktay marked the season finale of Yasak Elma, the longest-running series of the channel. While the separation of Berk Oktay has been finalized, the claim about Şevval Sam has still not been clarified. Eda Ece clarified the issue.

Yasak Elma, the most intrigue-filled series of the screens, made its fifth season finale. The season finale of the series was open to many question marks.

In the season finale, Ender, played by Şevval Sam, Yıldız played by Eda Ece, and Çağatay, played by Berk Oktay, had a traffic accident while in the same car. The car tumbled into the abyss, and it’s up to season six to see who dies and who survives.

Therefore, Yasak Elma bid farewell to the fifth season with an open end. The separation of Şevval Sam and Berk Oktay, who played one of the main characters of the series, has been talked about for a while. As a matter of fact, Berk Oktay officially announced his separation from his social media account. His new role has also been announced in the series.

However, the Şevval Sam front is still unclear. There was no official statement about the departure of the experienced player. This issue was clarified by Eda Ece. Eda Ece, who participated in the night of Disney Plus, said in an interview with cameras that she gave a one-month vacation to all team members, from the scriptwriter to the actress of Med Yapım, who shot the series.

She stated that the production company wanted everyone to rest for a month and that at the end of this process, a meeting was held and everything was planned to be discussed and rethought in a meeting. Eda Ece added that Şevval Sam’s separation is out of the question for now.

It has been talked about for a while whether Şevval Sam will stay in the series. Sam’s statement that she does not want to grow old in the Yasak Elma series and that she misses the scenes, it is considered that she will go too. But the situation is actually extremely uncertain for everyone!

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